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Missed Calls notification and Soft Keys


The SPA5xx and SPA3xx IP phones will notify you if you have missed a call on extension 1.

This is what your phone will look like if you missed a call:


There are two parts to the notification:

  One is the "1 New Missed Call" popup notiifcation.

  Second is the lcr and miss softkeys being displayed.

The following parameters affect the Notification and Soft keys:

  1. Miss_Call_Shortcut: Yes/No
  2. Log_Missed_Calls_For_EXT_1: Yes/No
  3. Programmable_Softkey_Enable: Yes/No
  4. Missed_Call_Key_List: <defines softkeys to display>

Following is a description of how this works and interacts with programmable softkeys:

Miss_Call_Shortcut: Yes/No

a. Disabling Miss_Call_Shortcut: [User tab > Supplementary Services > Miss Call Shortcut: No] disables the Programmable Softkey state called “Missed Call Key List”

b. When the Missed Call Key List state is disabled, no related programmable softkeys related to missed calls are displayed because the appropriate state no longer exists because of #a. so no missed call related softkeys will display when the state is disabled.

Log_Missed_Calls_For_EXT_1: Yes/No

Disabling Log_Missed_Calls_For_EXT_1: [User tab > Supplementary Services > Miss Call Shortcut: No] disables the "1 New Missed Call" popup notiifcation.

Programmable_Softkey_Enable: Yes/No

Disabling Programmable_Softkey_Enable: [Phone tab > Programmable Softkeys > Programmable Softkeys Enable: No] causes the phone to ignore any custom settings you have applied in the Missed_Call_Key_List [Phone tab > Programmable Softkeys > Missed Call Key List]