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Native Win7 IPSec client connecting to


Configuration instructions for connecting a native Windows 7 IPsec client to a RV082. Two scenarios are included: a scenario with direct connection and a scenario with Windows 7 behind a NAT device.

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absolutely fantastic,  I do not have a Win7 client to test this against, but I know lots of people would welcome your procedure.

I guess this procedure might also be relevant, maybe worth a test with the WRV and SA500 series product. Since they all use the quick VPN client .

Just out of interest does Windows 7 32 and 64bit versions still have a pptp client ?

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For your information, Windows 7 32&64 bits do have an embedded PPTP client.

Have a good day.

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Is PPTP really an issue or can you do this in native Windows.  The significant thing about this documents is that cisco's QuickVPN client modified the native Windows XP/2000/vista/7 IPSec environment.  This document goes through the painful manual process  of documenting the how to get native  IPSec windows 7 client working.  Accolades