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New SPA9000 Analog IP PBX Option


The SPA9000 Analog IP PBX solution consist of a new configuration option which allows the SPA9000 to serve a Small Business with up to 18 Analog Phones, but using all benefits the benefits of VoIP. It is an Easy to deploy and affordable solution with a standard PBX feature set. It is designed for those Small Businesses with a reduced budget requiring basic telephony features, willing to use the savings of VoIP or to replace the cost of individual land lines with a VoIP-based affordable solution.

Download the new SPA9000 Analog Phone PBX Setup Wizard v1.0 and the related Application Note: SPA9000 Analog Phone IP PBX Configuration and start deploying it!

Main characteristics:

  • SIP trunking-based solution, allowing the Small Business to obtain of the benefits of VoIP
  • IP PBX (SPA9000) plus ATA (SPA8000) solution, supporting up to 18 Analog Phones
  • Easy to install & Configure: New SPA9000 Analog IP PBX Setup Wizard drives the partners to perform installation and configuration of the system in minutes. SPA8000 support of RJ-21 TELCO connectors easy the connection between the system and the analog phones. No requirement for LAN switch
  • Affordable solution: Estimated 80 USD per user*

SPA9000 Analog IPPBX configuration.jpg

Main Features:

  • External calls via SIP trunk (3 accounts - 1 general, 1 VIP, 1 Fax)
  • Incoming call handling: Autoattendant (virtual assistant) or 1 Hunt group
  • Localizable autoattendant via Setup Wizard
  • Call Control: Extension to extension dialing, Call Forwarding (Unconditional, No Answer, Busy), Call Transfer (Attended and Blind), 3-way conferencing, Redial, Call back, Do Not Disturb, Call Waiting, Speed Dials,
  • Caller ID
  • Internal Music on Hold
  • Fax Passthrough (G.711)


  • SIP Trunking service with an Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • Analog Phones (not included in the solution)


SPA9000 Analog Phone IPPBX Setup Wizard v1.0

Application Note: SPA9000 Analog Phone IP PBX Configuration

* Estimated street price per user for an 8 user solution, not including the analog phones. This price is only an indication, it does not represent a commit or endorsement. Street price is determined by the reseller.



great document.

How do I get call park working on these analog phones.