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Now Available: CCA 2.2



The Cisco Configuration Assistant( CCA) team is excited to announce the availability of the new major release, CCA version 2.2. CCA is an easy to use interface for managing platforms within the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) Solution v2.0

The major highlights in CCA v2.2 include:
• Cisco Unified Communications Model UC560 support -  Includes the ability to configure all features supported on the UC540 and license upgrade using a Product Authorization Key (PAK), for up to 104 users. Configuration of dual T1/E1 trunks, SmartPorts support for Gigabit Ethernet ports and field upgrade of voicemail storage have been added for UC560.

• Phone VPN Setup Wizard: Use the Phone VPN Setup Wizard to enable and configure SSL VPN client settings on SPA 525G IP phones. SPA525G phones configured by the wizard will automatically connect to UC500 over VPN when SPA525G phone is connected to home or remote network.

• Cisco AP541N Wireless Access Point Support: Includes ability to discover and manage Cisco AP541N access points. Supports configuration of wireless SSID settings for voice and data WLANs. On the system dashboard palette, the Wireless Client widget can monitor status of wireless clients associated with the AP541N or UC500 series integrated AP.

• Cisco Small Business Pro ESW 500 Series 8-Port PoE Switches Support: Includes ability to discover and manage ESW 500 series 8-Port switches. Supports configuration of Smartport roles for expansion ports, data access and phone ports.

• SPA 500S Expansion Module Support: Up to two 32-button expansion modules can be connected to SPA 525G or SPA 500 series phones for up to 64 additional lines. Monitor lines and speed dials are supported on the expansion modules.
• Caller ID Customization: Configure the phone number to use as the caller ID for each BRI/T1/E1 or SIP trunk. Also customize the caller ID for individual extensions, on a per trunk basis.

• Additional SIP providers: Skype and Worldexchange.

• Windows 7 SSL-VPN client Support: Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN clients are supported for Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit, on UC500 and SR500 series platforms

• Enhanced Topology View: Product pictures will be displayed on Topology view for supported SBCS devices. From the Topology view, you can discover Cisco PVC2300 and WVC2300 video cameras and third-party printers with Bonjour support. Embedded Web management tools for these devices can be launched from topology view.

•  Usability Enhancements: View error messages that occur during configuration from a single location on the CCA desktop. Click on an error message to bring the corresponding window into focus and highlight the field that contains the error.

In summary, with CCA v2.2, highly requested feature and usability enhancements have been made to further aid our partners in deploying Cisco small business solutions. The CCA team will continue to develop features and functionality as we learn more about our customers' needs.

For more information and to download CCA visit:

Cisco Configuration Assistant 2.1 Documentation

UC500 Software Pack Information

SR520 Software Download (Requires account with support contract)

Cisco Configuration Assistant Smart Business Communications System Administrator Guide, Release 2.2

Release Notes for Cisco Configuration Assistant 2.0 and later

If you have questions or product feedback, please post them right here, on our Support Community:

Best Regards,

The CCA Team


Ran into some issues when using the CCA 2.1(1).   The application would hang when trying to configure the meetme and ad-hoc conferencing.   It created the meetme conference, but failed on the ad-hoc.   I ended up configuring the ad-hoc conf. by the CLI.  Also, I did not see the option for the Call Blast hunt-group option.   I did that by the CLI as well.  It took several tries to upgrade the router with the 7.03 service pack .zip using the CCA.   It still did not update the CUE, but I was able to add the phone loads for the 7925 wireless phones using the CCA.

Now,  when I use CCA on the upgraded UC500, the application hangs whenever I try to access anything telephony related.   Other options such as Interfaces, or routing seem to work fine.

I verified that the firewall software on my PC was de-activated, and that no TFTP, FTP, or SFTP services are running on my PC.   Any ideas as to what could be the issue.

Skyler Spence

Great job on this one team, very happy to be a user.

Great to hear from you Skyler!!!!!!!  Thanks!!!!


Ran into problem configuring Cbeyond SIP trunk authentication in CCA 2.1.1.   The password entered was not submitted correctly when saving to a UC540.   Even after re-entering the password, it still was not correct.   Had to enter the password in CLI under "sip-ua" then the system was able to register.   Was this issue fixed in CCA 2.2?   If not, still may need to be corrected.

Marcos Hernandez

Hi Brandon,

Can you please create a discussion for this problem?




Greetings from Comstor.

We are currently running into many competitive situations where customers are considering UC500 series instead of the Nortel BCM50.

One question that came up is as follow:

Nortel has a software called NCM that can manage multiple BCM systems (say 2000).  You would run into this situation when you have a large retail chains, or small multisites enterprises (i.e. Sprint PCS stores).

Customer wants something similar to NCM, but for UC500.  Features required are bulk download, bulk greetings upload, bulk upgrade...

I believe the CCA 2.2 can do up to 100 UC500 devices, but cannot do bulk download/upload and upgrade.  Any plan for this?


Gaston Nguyen

Comstor Lead Cisco Sales Engineer

Marcos Hernandez

CCA can only manage one UC 500 at a time. For a global view of devices and bulk upgrade capabilities, please explore the options we offer through third party vendors, such as Level Platforms and Arcana (iManage).


iManage can handle a scale of 2K CPE easily.

Contact Kinney Yee, who is already asking on your behalf :-)


Maybe a dumb questions but can CCA configure ISR's?

David Harper
Cisco Employee

Not a dumb question, but the answer is no.  UC500, Cisco Small Business Pro, and selected Cisco Small Business products only.



Anna Tsukerman

No CCA does not configure ISR's. You can use CCP to configure ISRs: