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Now Available - CCA 3.0(1) in French, German, and Spanish


The Cisco Configuration Assistant (CCA) team is excited to announce the availability of the French, German, and Spanish versions of CCA 3.0(1). This localized version of CCA 3.0(1) offers the same functionality and quality improvements as the previously released English version of CCA 3.0(1). CCA is an easy to use interface for managing platforms within the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) Solution.

CCA v3.0(1) Documentation:
For more information and to download CCA visit:
NOTE: CCA 2.x installations cannot be updated to version 3.0 and later using the Application Update process. You must download CCA from ( and install it manually.

To learn more about features in CCA 3.0, please review CCA 3.0 feature VODs posted here:

For a full list of features supported in CCA and the Smart Business Communications System, please refer to “Cisco Smart Business Communications System Feature Reference Guide” below:

Localized versions of the CCA 3.0(1) Admin Guide will be shortly posted under the “Translated Documents” section below:

UC500 Software Pack Information can be found below:

You can download UC500 Software Pack from CCO Download Center or from Support Community here:

If you have questions or product feedback, please post them on our Support Community “CCA FEEDBACK” section:

CCA v3.0(1) version is backwards compatible with previous CCA and UC500 software pack releases.

The CCA team will continue to develop features and functionality as we learn more about our customers' needs.

Best Regards,
The CCA Team