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Now Available - CCA 3.0(1)


The Cisco Configuration Assistant( CCA) team is pleased to announce the availability of the latest release - CCA version 3.0(1), a maintenance release focused on quality improvements. CCA is an easy to use interface for managing platforms within the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) Solution.

This announcement covers the following topics:
1. CCA v3.0(1) Major Highlights
2. CCA v3.0(1)  Documentation

1. CCA v3.0(1)  major highlights include:
Software quality improvements that resolve the following caveats:
1. CSCtk95524 - CCA does not validate the contents of the locale packs to be installed.
2. CSCtk82518 - After a successful license transfer, evaluation license fails to deactivate.
3. CSCtk68876 - Cannot call the extension numbers of the VIC3-FXS/DID ports configured using CCA in expert mode.
4. CSCtk34552 - In the Telephony Setup Wizard, FXS ports configured as User Phone may appear on the Discovered Phones page.
5. CSCtj57917 - After adding an unregistered phone with an extension module (for example, SPA525G/500S), the expansion module is shown as None on the Discovered Phones page.
6. CSCtl06841 - When Speed Dials are deleted, CCA does not issue a restart to the phone.
7. CSCtk54877 - When a new hunt group is added, existing hunt groups show a duplicate error.
8. CSCtk03491 - Default template for outgoing dial plan can be overwritten without warning the user.
9. CSCtj83847 - T.37 Fax to Mail: Alert needed for TCL/custom scripts when UC500 flash is full.
10. CSCtj46762 - T.37 Fax to Mail: Custom Prompt Pause and Stop buttons are always disabled.
11. CSCtl08243 - Voicemail installation fails during locale pack installation when Dutch is the primary language and UK English is the secondary language.
12. CSCti25943 - VPN address pool should be different from remote local LAN.
13. CSCtj42604 - VIC FXS ports missing for default fax printer dropdown on T.37 Fax to Mail.
14. CSCtj43438 - Basic ACD: Blast group does not show up as one of the options.
15. CSCtj58850 - SIP Trunk: Server fields accept specific invalid IP address like ''.
16. CSCtj72627 - WAN screen fails to validate IP addresses that are already configured for VLANs.
17. CSCtj77430 - Telephony Setup Wizard: Configuration not applied as expected on FXO ports, FXS ports.
18. CSCtj92395 - Voicemail Notification Schedule is incorrect when changing from 24 hrs to 8 AM to 5 PM.
19. CSCtk32827 - Masked VPN passwords displayed as plain text when being highlighted on Phone VPN Setup Wizard.
20. CSCtk61018 - Deleting a user that is the last member in hunt group causes an error in Cisco Office Manager.
21. CSCtk66425 - Phone Load Management: Null Pointer Exception occurs when clicking refresh after browsing for UC500 software pack.
22. CSCtk66498 - Issues encountered on reset or shutdown of ports in Voice Trunks Settings.
23. CSCtk82315 - Speed dial number can be provisioned as alpha characters.
24. CSCtl01588 - Security audit window takes a very time to loaded.
25. CSCtl04776 - Monitor-port stat failed with Java Null Pointer Exception.
26. CSCtl05176 - Changing Locale from Region UI does not reset phones.
27. CSCtl09109 - Duplicate Phone Region entry shown in some scenarios.
28. CSCtl09269 - Upgrade from UC500 software pack version 8.04 to 8.10 does not upgrade Voicemail.
29. CSCtl09908 - Region does not display Active language after refresh or close/open window.
30. CSCtl09951 - Telephony Setup Wizard cannot detect a SA520 if SA520 is connected with ESW500 Series switch and a UC560.
31. CSCtl12056 - Phone language stays US English after Dutch language installed as Active.
32. CSCtl12085 - Phones intermittently do not restart after locale installation.
33. CSCtl23343 - System > Region > VM Language is not correct after locale installation.
34. CSCtl23644 - Voicemail alternate language does not get installed.
35. CSCtl29218 - System > Region > Phone Region intermittently has duplicate option after install.
36. CSCtl43026 - Texts and graphics on Telephony Setup Wizard page are misaligned when the window is minimized. The display returns to normal when the page is maximized.
37. CSCtl45109 - Voicemail language is not installed as selected.
38. CSCtl45651 - MWI directory number is mismatched with CME and CUE.
39. CSCtl53565 - CCA online help and administration guide has incorrect path to Site Management window.
40. CSCtl59145 - Current active language is not an option after installing another locale pack.
41. CSCtl71832 - Include prompt/informational in expert mode when less than 6 characters are used for the password.
42. CSCtl71995 - Disable Video checkbox for SPA phone model 6901, 6911.
43. CSCtl71999 - CCA: When configuring SSL VPN in CCA, it will configure a virtual-template of type serial.
44. CSCtl75187 - When CO line button is provisioned on a phone, an internal extension is listed in the available member list for the hunt group.
45. CSCtl76008 - Logging: Remove the logging level control from the Preferences window.
46. CSCtl78000 - SIP Trunk: After SIP trunk configuration, CME cannot respond the CUE INVITE because there is no proper dial-peer match to incoming call.
47. CSCtl80157 - Unable to change Auto Attendant configuration when two locales are installed on the UC500.
48. CSCtl83958 - Downgrade to UC500 software pack 8.0.4 failed with error message "Phone locale install failed."
49. CSCtl85945 - Incorrect success message when installation fails.
50. CSCtl91389 - Selected CO line is not displayed on drop-down list and duplicate CO label entries.
51. CSCtl94986 - Stop discovery while software upgrade is in progress.
52. CSCtn00636 - Voicemail language is incorrect after installing two locales, running Telephony Setup Wizard, switching the language, and refreshing the Region window.
53. CSCtn10281 - Upgrade to UC500 software pack 8.1.0 failed with system configuration and data restore from backup failed.
54. CSCtn18648 - Changing IP address of default data VLAN generates Java Null Pointer Exception.

2. CCA v3.0(1) Documentation:
For more information and to download CCA visit:
NOTE: CCA 2.x installations cannot be updated to version 3.0 and later using the Application Update process. You must download CCA from ( and install it manually.

To learn more about features in CCA 3.0, please review CCA 3.0 feature VODs posted here:

For a full list of features supported in CCA and the Smart Business Communications System, please refer to “Cisco Smart Business Communications System Feature Reference Guide” below:

Release Notes for  CCA v3.0(1) will be posted to the URL below:

Admin Guide for CCA v3.0(1) can be found below:

UC500 Software Pack Information can be found below:

You can download UC500 Software Pack from CCO Download Center or from Support Community here:

If you have questions or product feedback, please post them on our Support Community “CCA FEEDBACK” section:

CCA v3.0(1) version is backwards compatible with previous CCA and UC500 software pack releases.

In summary, CCA v3.0(1) maintenance release delivers many quality improvements. The CCA team will continue to develop features and functionality as we learn more about our customers' needs.

Best Regards,
The CCA Team


Was there a fix for the Shared Line issue discussed elsewhere in the forums?



Can you be more specific about your request.  I think I know what issue you have, but I wanted to be sure before saying yes or no.

Please reference the other forums with links if you can or PM me