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Now Available - CCA 3.1



The Cisco CCA team announces the availability of the latest release of Cisco® Configuration Assistant. Version 3.1 is focused on quality improvements along with a number of new features. Cisco Configuration Assistant is an easy-to-use interface for managing platforms within the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS).

This announcement covers the following topics:
1. Highlights
2. Documentation
3. Detailed description of new features and enhancements
1. Highlights
- Improvements in software quality and user experience
- Support for Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series (UC500) Software Pack 8.2.0
- Support for UC500 locale packs. Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.1 supports installation localization files via UC500 locale packs. Each locale pack contains phone language files, voicemail language files, network tones, and cadences for a given locale.
- UC500 Licensing Increase. UC540 and UC560 platforms will come equipped with 24 user licenses and the scale of the UC560 platform will increase to a maximum number of 138 phones.
- Support for Cisco 300 Series Managed Switches and Cisco 200 Series Smart Switches:

  • SF 300 models
  • SG 300 models
  • SF 200 models
  • SG 200 models (excluding SG200-08 and SG200-08P models)

- Key features and enhancements (see section 3 for details):

  • Ability to disable Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server on the Cisco UC500
  • Phone soft key customization
  • Call-back rules
  • Single-digit extension support for floating extension
  • Automated attendant (AA) with multiple enhancements:

    • Bilingual AA
    • Bilingual prompt management
    • Support for up to 5 standard AAs
    • Dial by first name (with new AA script v4)
    • Alternate greeting (with new AA script v4)
    • Configurable no-option-transfer retries
  • Bilingual voicemail
  • Voicemail zero-out options
  • Dual tone multifrequency (DTMF) configuration (for SIP trunk and Cisco Unity® Express)
  • Meet-me unlocked
  • Ability to select inbound caller name ID delivery method
  • Local directory support and hunt group name display
  • Customizable phone backgrounds and ringtones
  • Drag-and-drop upload of custom phone backgrounds and ringtones
  • Ability to gather crash information for troubleshooting
  • Additional SIP trunk providers: CableVision and Megapath

2. Documentation
For more information and to download Cisco Configuration Assistant, visit:
Note: Cisco Configuration Assistant 2.x installations cannot be updated to Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.0 and later using the Application Update process. You must download Cisco Configuration Assistant from ( and install it manually.

For a full list of features supported in Cisco Configuration Assistant and the Cisco SBCS, please refer to the Cisco Smart Business Communications System Feature Reference Guide:

For Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.1 release notes, go to:

An administrator’s guide for Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.1 can be found at:

Information on Cisco UC500 Software Packs can be found at:

You can download the Cisco UC500 Software Pack from the Download Center or from the Support Community at:

If you have questions or product feedback, please post them in the Support Community’s CCA FEEDBACK section:

To learn more about features in Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.1, please review the Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.1 feature videos posted here:

3.  Key Features and Enhancements
- Ability to disable DHCP server on the Cisco UC500: Allows users to disable the DHCP server on UC500 Series routers.
- Phone soft key customization: Allows users to define custom URLs and soft keys per template. A template can be applied to any IP phone on the UC500, on a per-phone basis.
- Call-back rules: Allows automatic redial with the outgoing prefix.
- Single-digit extension support for floating extension: Allows users to map a single digit to an extension.
- AA with multiple enhancements: 

  • Bilingual AA: Allows users to configure the language attribute of each AA so that the AA will play the standard greetings and associated prompts in the selected language.
  • Bilingual prompt management: Adds language support for displaying, recording, and adding a new prompt.
  • Support for up to 5 standard AAs: The number of standard AAs has increased from 3 to 5.
  • Dial by first name (with new v4 AA script): A variation of the dial-by-name feature allows the caller to enter the first name before the last name.
  • Alternate greeting (with new v4 AA script): When recording a prompt using the AVT (Administration via Telephone) feature, the user can designate the newly recorded prompt as the alternative greeting.
  • Configurable no-option-transfer retries: Allows the user to specify a maximum number of menu prompt attempts. This parameter dictates the number of times the AA replays its greeting before terminating an idling call (i.e., a call without any key input) or transferring it to a No-Option-Transfer-To number.

- Bilingual voicemail: Allows the caller to the mailbox to hear the voicemail greetings in one of two languages installed on the Cisco Unity Express.
- Voicemail zero-out options: Allow customization of the call flow in response to keys pressed at the mailbox greeting for leaving a voicemail.
- Dual tone multi-frequency (DTMF) configuration (for SIP trunk and Cisco Unity Express): Cisco Unity Express has been updated to support DTMF RFC 2833 for improved compatibility. SIP Trunk has been updated to support DTMF inband G.711.
- Meet-me unlocked: Allows external callers to initiate a meet-me conference.
- Ability to select inbound caller name ID delivery method: For PRI Trunks, ability to support incoming Caller Name ID via “Facilities IE” format.
- Local directory support and hunt group name display: Allows users to search for the company’s internal phone numbers, hunt groups, call blast groups, and external numbers in the local directory.
- Customizable phone backgrounds and ringtones.
- Drag-and-drop upload of custom phone backgrounds and ringtones.
- Ability to gather crash information for troubleshooting: Allows users to download crash information files from the Cisco UC500 and save them to a file on their local machine in a standard text format.
- Additional SIP trunk providers: CableVision and Megapath.  

Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.1 is backward compatible with previous Cisco Configuration Assistant and Cisco UC500 software pack releases.

In summary, Cisco Configuration Assistant 3.1 delivers many quality improvements and a number of new features. The Cisco Configuration Assistant team will continue to develop features and capabilities as we learn more about our customers' needs.

Best Regards,
The CCA Team


Is there a reason not releasing the new SWP and CCA version at the same time ?

There should not be a reason, except maybe the guy who posts the UC500 SWPs to CCO is running a little behind the CCA team :-)  Dont they rock, by the way?  What  great release.

But your right Jon, the two are tested together so should be expected to be released close to together (albeit, today is Sunday)


Thanks, Steve.


Software pack is now available for download both on CCO and the Support Community.

- Anna