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Now available - Cisco Business Edition 6000 9.1 - Product Enhancements


Cisco is happy to introduce new platform features and models, additional co-resident applications, and improved conferencing bundle options for Cisco Business Edition 6000 9.1 -- the right-priced, right-sized, single-server UC/Collaboration solution providing Cisco partners and customers with business transforming technology that drives competitive differentiation, sales advantage, and business success. 

Business Edition 6000 9.1 continues to boast the same features as Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM), and starting May 31, 2013, includes new product enhancements unique to its platform, including:

New High-density Model – new powerful model option for partners selling to customers that require more advanced collaborative workspaces and services supporting a larger user base in a fast-paced/growing business:

  • Cisco UCS C220 M3S HD (high-density) server
  • 8 UC/Collaboration + 1 Provisioning applications concurrently
  • Up to 1,000 users + 2,500 devices
  • Feature: Support for unrestricted vRAM licenses – No longer restricted to 16G vRAM!
  • New HD Model Option SKU: BE6K-STBDL-PLS-K9=

Medium-density Model now with Support for Export Unrestricted Images – for partners selling to customers in export restricted countries or countries with import restrictions:

  • Cisco UCS C220 M3 MD (medium-density) server
  • 4 UC/Collaboration + 1 Provisioning applications concurrently
  • Up to 1,000 users + 1,200 multiple devices
  • Feature: Support for export of unrestricted images
  • Support for unrestricted vRAM licenses – no longer restricted to 16G vRAM!
  • Additional MD Model Option SKU: BE6K-ST-BDL-XU=
  • (There is no change to existing MD Model Option SKU: BE6K-ST-BDL-K9=)

More Co-resident Applications – ability to add more applications/services means increased flexibility and easier customization capabilities for partners and customers; all BE 6000 model options support the following:

  • Cisco UC/Collaboration applications not factory-loaded/standard in BE 6000        
  • New: Cisco VCS-Control  and VCS-Expressway co-residency supports B2B and VPN-less remote worker capability for video endpoints
  • Cisco-approved Third-Party Collaboration applications (maximum: 3 per server, 6 per deployment
  • New: CDN Collaboration Applications and Solution Plus Collaboration Applications

Improved Web Conferencing - incentive for partners to increase customer attach of meeting and conferencing cloud-based services that can deliver perpetual annual subscriptions renewal revenue:

  • Cisco WebExMeetings bundles of 1, 3, or 5 year subscriptions @ 20% off GPL with purchase of Business Edition 6000 starter license bundle
  • Minimum of 5 named hosts with unlimited number of consecutive meetings per host; maximum of 25 participants per meeting session
  • Integrated VoIP 1 year limited service included; easy renewals with standard GPL SKUs
  • New Bundle SKUs: WBX-MC-BE6K-NY1; WBX-MC-BE6K-NY3; WBX-MC-BE6K-NY5

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Cisco Employee

As VCS-Expressway is now supported technical co-residency I'm wondering wether the license is part of the bundle (like VCS-C) or if I need to order VCS-E license separately? Can anyone confirm?

Cisco Employee


Licenses for VCS-C are included only.  If you wish to run VCS-E on the BE6000 server then you will need to purchase and license that separately.




I would like to know if you have a liste of Cisco-approved Third-Party Collaboration applications or if any 3th party software can be installed on BE6K.


Yes, there exist such list for long time.

To find all sales, marketing and technical documents for Cisco BE6000  (aka BE6K), always start with the product home page:

(do not forget to login with your partner credentials)

Click "Data Sheets and Literature", followed by "Partner Resources"

The "Third Party Applications Overview" is listed. under the "Sales Resources" Section.

Direct link to this doc is


Question on the devices support (2,500 for high-density and 1,200 for medium-density), is referring to devices Configured or Registered on CUCM? Example 1,300 devices configured but only 1,200 devices are registered?


Cisco Employee


These limits are for configured devices.



Hi ,

My company is a Small sized company (about 40 users), and we want to buy a cisco  VoIP  System. Which one is benefit for us ?  (according to our size ?)


I have a question concerning this specification for the total number of co-resident VM's in the BE6K.


4 UC/Collaboration + 1 Provisioning applications concurrently


If I configure the following then I would still be in compliance with the 1 CPU Core per vCPU required.

CUCM - 2 Cores

IM&P - 1 Core

Unity Connection - 2 Cores (1 for CUC and 1 for ESXi Scheduler)

Unified Attendant Console - 1 Core

Paging Server - 1 Core


This configuration actually leaves me with 1 Core left over since their are 8 total and I am only using 7.  I know this is basically 5 UC/Collaboration applications without a Provisioning application.  Would/Could this be supported by Cisco?  My customer is only about 250 Users.