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Office Manager FEEDBACK: Let us know what you think


Welcome to OM Feedback page. We  would like to hear from you! If you have any questions, product  feedback, or feature requests, please post them right here.

Best Regards,

OM Team


Hello Anna,

Nice to see  a feedback discussion. I was working on a second document including all the problems we run into with the OM1.2 but I will actively post them here.

1 - The OM1.2 does not support Extension Mobility. This issue has already been answered by the OM Team. They indicated that this wil probably be resolved in the next release.

2 - We are uncertain how to configure this for our client. OM1.2 requires the username/password for a telnet connection and also it requires the exec password. We have created two users on the UC500, one for our admin and one for the customer. There can be only one exec password. CCA will not accept an exec password that is different to the user password, eg. username cisco, password cisco, exec password has to be cisco for CCA. How can we setup a scenario in which the customer can only log in with OM1.2 and we can log in to the exec-mode.

3 - Does OM1.2 support SSH instead of telnet?

4 - We used the following commands to increase the call history in the UC500: conf t - dial-control-mib retain-timer 35791 (in minutes), dial-control-mid max-size 500 (entries). When you use the "show call history voice" command you see all the call history. Now here is where it goes wrong: OM1.2 uses this call history. But when OM1.2 starts it runs certain commands on the UC500 to retrieve information. It also uses the show call history voice command. This works fine until the call history voice grows to a certain size in which the UC500 give a "hit space to show more" notification. OM1.2 is not able to give any feedback to this command. The result is that OM1.2 keeps waiting on the call history feedback but it will never receive it. The only sollution is lowering the call history again and waiting for the UC500 to clear the old history.

More feedback will follow.

I hope above comments will help the OM Team improve the OM.



ps. a reaction to your e-mail is on it's way. We are going to reproduce the scenario in which the phone load is dropped on the UC500 icon.


5 - OfficeManager1.2 only allows user passwords with a minimum length of 6 chars. CCA allows user passwords with a minimum length of 4 chars.



It feels like I'm running this thread alone.

I'm wondering, OM1.2 has been upgraded to OM2.0 but.. is there anything else but bugfixes? The release notes state that there are only bugfixes. But I don't think it's normal to have a full version added (1.2->2.0) for a couple bug fixes.

The above questions still remain unanswered.




Hi Bryan,

Thank you for all the OM suggestions you provided. They have been duly noted.

OM 2.0 addresses a number of issues reported by OM 1.2 users. OM 2.0 has also been fully tested with CCA 3.1 .

Thank you,