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OnPlus NFR Program for ANZ - How to place order in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Tool


Cisco is offering an OnPlus NFR promo for AU and NZ. The NFR promotion includes:

  1. 3 years of OnPlus service
  2. PLUS the network agent appliance (ON100)

Max 2 units at cost (including any Distributor landing costs) during promotion period (2 months)

Promotion is open to any Cisco registered partner (at any certification level) with userid and pwd

Initiate order as follows:

  • Go to the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) Tool at:
  • Click “create a deal” and select the regular NFR promo
  • Input ONplus SKU: ON100-K9
  • The tool will automatically pull up the approved promo for that sku
  • For reference, promo code is: PP-OnPl74303-120525

Once you submit quote for ON100 SKU:

  • CCW creates a Deal ID, which then goes for deal qualification
  • Cisco PAM will approve Partner
  • Partner then uploads BOM with SKU ON100-K9 in CCW Tool
  • Once approved, the Disti of choice and Partner get an email confirmation of approved deal ID
  • Partner then places the order with Distributor

For more information or any issues, contact Wei Yiing Tan (