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Partner Resources - Cisco Smart Business Communication Systems


Expand Skills

SMB UniversitySMB University delivers the recommended training to prepare account managers and engineers for the SMB Specialization exams. Choose from marketing, sales and technical training offerings – both e-learning and instructor-lead training.
Cisco Smart Business Communications PageGet access to the SBCS Solutions site on Partner Central with links to product-related pages and SBCS tools for Cisco Select Certified Partners.
Technical Demonstration Videosand  TutorialsTechnical Videos on Demand (VoDs) and Tutorials showcase in-depth SBCS product features and functionality.
First Look LabsSelf-learning SBCS Labs cover a variety of topics related to configuring, managing, and troubleshooting SBCS.
Update Your Partner ProfileManage all your company data -- including certifications, contacts, locations and access.

Increase Opportunities

Partner LocatorBuild market awareness by promoting your offerings to the thousands of prospective customers who search on Cisco websites each month for technology experts.
Partner Practice Builder for SMBExpand your business opportunities with tools to help you profile your company’s solutions and successfully tap the growing market for IT services offerings -- for partner Owners, Account Managers and Engineers.
Cisco Partner SpaceA virtual collaborative environment that provides information on Cisco based solutions and services, including SBCS. Within the environment, customers can interact with Cisco and partners through on-line collaboration features.
Partner Campaign BuilderGenerate leads and help increase your sales efforts: Leverage and customize targeted Cisco SMB campaigns. Targeted, customizable campaigns can help you generate leads and build your sales pipeline. In construction.

Manage Your Partnership Tools

Close More Sales

SBCS Flash Animation and SBCS BrochureInclude a link to our SBCS Flash demo and SBCS Brochure in your marketing materials and e-mails to prospective customers.
SBCS Presentation and SBCS Selling GuideUse the SBCS Presentation and conversation starters in the Selling Guide to reach your current and potential customers.
Customer Success StoriesShare customer success stories and testimonials to articulate the benefits of a solution.
SBCS Demo BoxUse this scenario-based demonstration environment to help you show prospective customers the business value of Cisco SBCS solutions. You'll find demonstrations pre-scripted and configured for you to demonstrate yourself as a Cisco solution provider.
Virtual Product Demonstrations (Seeing is Believing)Quickly and thoroughly demonstrate the advantages of Cisco’s small business technologies and solutions to customers anywhere, without connectivity concerns. Easy-to-use ‘Seeing is Believing’ demos with scripts can help deliver compelling sales presentations more efficiently and to help close more deals.
Quote BuilderA small and medium-sized solution quoting tool that generates accurate quotes in minutes instead of hours.
Pricing ToolThis offline SBCS pricing tool quickly generates estimates for products and services related to the Smart Business Communications System.
Competitive PortalGet up-to-date information and tools to help you establish a leadership position when selling Cisco solutions against the competition.

Support Customers

Technical Support Services (Cisco Partner View)With Cisco Partner View/My Tech Support, take advantage of a broad portfolio of support services with the ability to customize content in a single portal. View channel alerts, announcements, advisories, and relevant links in one place. Submit and monitor support requests, track bugs and ‘watch’ new technologies and products.
Issue Resolution (TAC Service Request Tool)Build customer loyalty by helping to expediently resolve customer issues. Most sales, product and program concerns can be closed in three business days.
Partner HelplinePartner Helpline is a knowledgebase and direct support path for any partner issues, including presales technical, and product design assistance, as well as access to demo programs and quoting tools.
Bug ToolkitGet quick online access to the most current and comprehensive bug information available on Cisco operating systems.
Configuration Tool (Cisco Dynamic Config Tool)Enables online configuration of Cisco products and offers detailed compatibility information to streamline the ordering process.
SMB Smart DesignsThe SMB Smart Designs provide comprehensive solution implementation best practices in an easy to follow format to streamline the installation process, reduce deployment risk and increase partner profitability.
Design Guidance for Call Manager ExpressCisco's Solution Reference Network Design (SRND) for Call Manager Express.