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Platform Modification File (PMF)




A Platform Modifiction File (PMF) provides a mechanism to modify/override internal settings to address configuration requirements in certain environments. In some cases a PMF may be provided to address a configuration issue before it is integrated into the next firmware update. In order to maintain an easy to use Configuration Utility and minimize the number of settings that do not apply to the mainstream user, not all PMF settings will be incorporated into upcoming firmware updates. Multiple PMF files may be installed on a UC320W system.

This document maintains a list of current general availability PMF files and will be updated as new PMFs are added.

General PMF Instructions:


  1. Perform a system backup before loading a PMF file.
  2. Download the PMF and save to your PC.
  3. Launch and log into the UC320W Configuration Utility.
  4. Click on the Status option at the top.
  5. Click on Devices submenu.
  6. Click on Alter PMFs button.
  7. Click Add PMF from your PC button.
  8. In most cases once the PMF has been added and enabled you must now Apply the configuration to the UC320W.


  1. If there is a corresponding UNDO PMF available download and save the Undo PMF to your PC
  2. Launch and log into the UC320W Configuration Utility.
  3. Click on the Status option at the top.
  4. Click on Devices submenu.
  5. Click on Alter PMFs button.
  6. Uncheck enable next to the PMF you wish to remove.
  7. Click the X button to delete the PMF
  8. If there is an UNDO PMF, Click the Add PMF form your PC button and enable the UNDO PMF.
  9. Apply the configuration.

List of Available PMFs

PMF Name
UNDO available
AA_Answer_Delay.pmf3N/AAllows customization of AA Answer Delay


3N/AAlestra Provider parameter adjustment: p-time, NSE_Dynamic_Payload
AudioUpload.pmf3N/AEnables a Cloud Feature on the Music and AA prompts pages to allow Audio Upload
Bellcore_CallerID.pmf1N/ASets the caller ID standard to Bellcore


1N/AEnables the call waiting tone for USA and Canada for all SPA phones.



Allow setting of ETSI DTMF With PR Caller ID Method on UC320W.

(Resolves some Call Id issues in UK).


4N/A2.3 Only. Cbeyond, Missed call return, North American, 7 Digit SIP
CallerIDUpdates_cbeyond_na_10_sip.pmf4N/ACbeyond, Missed call return, North American, 10 Digit SIP non E.164
ChangeNTPserver.pmf6N/AFirmware version 2.0.9 or higher required. Allows user specified NTP server to be configured. NOTE: If using a LAN side NTP server it must be on the same subnet as the UC320 Data VLAN IP.


2N/ACorrects the classic-2 ring tone when it doesn't appear on the phone
COX.pmf1YesSets parameters required for SIP interop with Cox.
DialTone4Disconnect.pmf1N/AChanges the FXO disconnect tone to 7 seconds of dial tone for ALL FXO ports including SPA8800
DisableRFC2543CallHold.pmf0N/ABy default SIP trunks are configured to support RFC2543 Call Hold. This PMF disables support for this implementation of Call Hold.
Disable_RTCP.pmf1N/AChange RTCP transmit interval from 5 to 0 so that the audio delay right after the call setup is improved.

Turns off WPS on first SSID. Wireless phones may lose connectivity and need to be rebooted.

DND_button_disable.pmf2YesDisables DND button on ALL phones.


2N/AEnables EHS from none to Plantronics, and Electronic HookSwitch Control from no to yes


2N/AAdds many star services dial plan for UK


4N/ADisables the tone played before an EXTERNAL page. Does not change internal paging to phones.


2YesForces all phones and SPA8800 to VLAN 100 for managed switches not supporting CDP
FXODialDigitLen_1.pmf1N/AReduces the digit outpulse time on all FXO ports including SPA8800
FXODialingDelay_2.pmf1N/AIncreases the delay after going off hook on FXO port to 2 seconds before sending DTMF digits
FXO_Overload_disable.pmf1N/ADisable disconnecting upon FXO overload detection which is the false alarm causing the inbound calls are dropped.


4N/APrefixes FXO dial patterns with provided digit - REQUIRES 2.2.x or later



Increases Input Gain for External MOH input from default 30 to 40


1N/AReduces input gain for external MOH gain from default 30 to 20
MetTel.pmf1YesChanges the RTP p-time to 20ms required to work with MetTel SIP provider
PRTC_SIP.pmf3YesSets parameters required for SIP interop with Puerto Rico Telephone Company


2N/ASwaps the RFC2833 RTP map 100 and 101 entries


1N/AEnables Setting Min CPC disconnect detection period
SIP_Trunk_Register_Timer.pmf1YesSets the SIP Registration Timer on SIP Trunks
Skype.pmf1YesChanges CODEC name from 729a to 729 for interop with Skype SIP provider


1YesDisable the LLDP-MED Network discovery protocol on all phones connected to UC320W.


1YesDisable the phone display Missed Call Banner on all phones connected to UC320W.
UKDisconnect.pmf1N/AChanges the FXO disconnect tone to 2 seconds of 400 Hz for ALL FXO ports including SPA8800 (Recommended mostly for United Kingdom Region).


2N/AAdjusts the DTMF GAIN on FXO trunks for UK (UC320 + 8800)
VOZ_telecom.pmf2YesSets parameters require for SIP interop with VOZ Telecom
WANPing.pmf1N/AChanges WAN security so that the WAN interface will respond to PING requests.

Download Location:

To download PMFs go to the Unified Customization Clearinghouse.


Hello Christopher,

When I try to access the site, I get an error:



I/O Error - Error Code:  0

HTTP Error  0 reported by server"


Any clues?

Community Member

Hello Christopher,

same problem for me

<< I/O Error - Error Code:  0

HTTP Error  0 reported by server" >>


Also my UC320W cannot charge "Waiting Music" and Instructions on the system (I think it will be a Cisco's Cloud Transcoding Error).

Error of charging is on file attached.

Can you help me please?

Thank you!

cindy toy
Rising star

Hello Dramaturg7675,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  The link now works.




The link is not working, I need 2 pmf files, please can you fix the link. Thank you!

David Lee

Same here.  Link is broken.  I also need to get a few PMFs

Dan Lukes
Support for UC320W is just over:
Last Date of Support:
The last date to receive applicable service and support for the product as entitled by active service contracts or by warranty terms and conditions. After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete**. Warranty duration is based on product ship dates; refer to warranty terms and conditions for details.January 31, 2017

No support mean what it says - no support. While PMF is copyrighted work, no one but Cisco can distribute it, so you are out of luck. You may try to search Internet for an unauthorized copy/distribution of particular PMF ...