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Recording customized prompts using Windows Sound Recorder


You can record your own prompts to be used in applications (like B-ACD, MOH, etc.). The example provided in this article uses the Windows Sound

Record option. This option is one of many possibilities for recording G711 prompts. G711 is a freely distributed
public domain codec and has several recording options. Some of these options are
included in Microsoft Windows systems and are available to any sound recording

To record a prompt, complete the following steps.

Note The following procedure describes one example of recording G.711 prompts with
Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder, using a microphone plugged into your
computer. If you are not using Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder, refer to the
documentation provided with your audio application.


Step 1 From your Windows Start menu, choose Start > Programs > Accessories >
Entertainment > Sound Recorder. The Sound Recorder dialog box opens.

Step 2 Click the Record button and speak your greeting into the microphone.

Step 3 Click the Stop button when you finish recording.

Step 4 To check your greeting, click the Rewind button or drag the slider back to the
beginning of the recording. Then click the Play button.

Step 5 When you are satisfied with your greeting, choose File > Save As.
The Save As window opens.

Step 6 Click Change to set the recording options.
You can also set recording properties by choosing Properties from the Sound
Recorder File menu. The Sound Selection dialog box opens.

Step 7 From the Format drop-down menu, choose CCITT u-Law.

Step 8 From the Attributes drop-down menu, choose 8.000 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono 7 kb/sec.

Step 9 Click Save As. The Save As dialog box opens.

Step 10 Enter a name for this format, and then click OK. The Save As Dialog Box closes.

Step 11 In the Sound Selection dialog box, click OK. The Sound Selection dialog box closes.

Step 12 In the Save As window, navigate to the directory of your choice, preferably a
directory that you have set aside for prompts.

Step 13 Select the file name, and click Save. The Save As dialog box closes.

You are now ready to add this prompt to the UC500. You can use CCA to drag and drop this file to the device's flash.