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RV220w vlan Problem


FW Version:

I'm attempting to get tagged vlans working on this router.  I have 2 vlans, one for the main network and one for a guest network.  All 4 ports are untagged on vlan 1, and tagged to vlan 1000 (guest vlan).  Connected to the router is a Netgear GS724T, configured so that vlan 1 is untagged, and vlan 1000 is tagged for the connecting port.  Also connected to this switch is an Aironet 1252 set up so that vlan 1 is untagged, and vlan 1000 is tagged.

I wasn't able to get a DHCP address from the router on the guest vlan, so I started doing some digging.  When I plugged a computer into the Netgear and started a Wireshark caputure, none of the vlan 1000 traffic from the rv220w was showing up.  I then plugged the computer straight into the rv220w and the tagged vlan traffic wasn't showing up there either.  Packets tagged with vlan 1000 do show up in the captures coming from the Aironet 1252 and the Netgear when testing on the switch, but get dropped at the router and don't make it to the wireless clients, the DHCP server on the router, or other ports on the router.

Long story short, only untagged traffic seems to be coming out of the router on wired ports.  I have a wireless profile set to use vlan 1000, and wireless clients get a dhcp address and can connect to the Internet just fine.

Is there something I'm potentially overlooking in getting tagged vlans to work?

Sorry if anything comes across as confusing, its been a long day fighting with this router.



Hi Jason.

I am guessing you have not tagged VLAN 1000 within the netgear switch,  on the egress port connected to the RV220W.

Here is a 5 minute recording of the complete configuration of my switching infrastructure.

After the RV220W rebooted I did find that a device  on the  untagged VLAN 1000  on my SG300-10P managed switch (p/n SRW2008P-K9-NA) did get a IP address allocated from the 2nd DHCP scope.

Hopefully the video makes sense, it's only 6 minutes long

recorded Friday, November 18, 2011 2:54 am New York Time   6 Minutes

regards Dave

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