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SA520 Tips For OnPlus

Portal Feature

This device can be found using CDP and Probe. The user cannot be logged on the page locally. UPnP discovery is not supported.

Access/Device Information

We access and gather information from the SA5XX device by using their custom XML based API. Must have login credentials before any information can be retrieved. PIDVID value has a hard coded vid that is set to '01' If the a web browser is logged in with the same credentials that were given to the driver to user the driver will generate an event and not query the device since only one active session per user/password can be active at a time.

Device Configuration Backup and Restore

Using the XML API, you can backup and restore the entire configuration on the device. Warning: Passwords and other possibly sensitive information may be stored in cleartext in the configuration file. Protect the configuration file accordingly. A TFTP server (part of OnPlus Agent) must be available to do backup and restore.

Upgrade Firmware

OnPlus Agent takes approximately 5 minutes to come online after firmware reload and reboot.

Remote Access

Remote access is only available through HTTPS (port 443).

Note: Cisco OnPlus Service was tested with the SA520 and SA520W models.