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SBCS Desktop Application Support for Mac Desktops


Current Status of UC500/SBCS Application Support for the Mac OS (updated Jan 8, 2010)

Today SBCS/UC500 does not offer much support for the Mac user.

Applications not supported as Native Mac OS Client

No Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) Softphone,

Unified CallConnector for Microsoft Office clients or server,

Smart CallConnector Operator

Cisco Video Advantage (CUVA),

Office Manager

Current Webex Connect Client

Applications that do work with Mac OS X or higher;

UC500 voice mail delivery via IMAP works with Mac Entourage Microsoft Office Application.

Other Mac Mail clients not supported.

Applications that have been tested with VMWare on Mac OS X or higher

CCA 2.0 and higher

Office Manager

Cisco is looking at additional application support for the Mac OS for the future.

Cisco Communications Manager (CM) offers more Mac support, so a customer might want to consider Business Edition.

Cisco Unified Personal Communicator for the Mac and Windows OS offers basic softphone, presence, click to dial, IM.


So Ron just so I understand; because Cisco is not looking after the SMB Mac clients they should upgrade to the Enterprise version to get that support?!

Please give Jabber back to the people.....


As I understand it, we saw on GoodMorningTechies that the new Offive Manager was running on a Virtual Windows platform on MAC right?  If that is so, can we get some guidance for CallConnector, etc?

Cisco Employee

SBCS Office Manager works with VMware as a Windows application on a Mac just fine.

No change for other apps like CallConnector as documented above. We have on the roadmap to offer Smart CallConnector clients for the Mac, but can't give out a date at this point.

Ron Lewis