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SBCS IP Phone Soft Branding


I recently updated this document showing 4 easy steps to update phone desktops.  It includes additional information and the new flash format we introduced a few releases ago.  I used a picture of John Chambers as an example to see if I earn any extra points for that :-)))))


Thank you for the nice summary.  I just used this to get background images on 7945G phones on CME 8.0.

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Can you please add details of CLI command in step4?



Thanks for the write up; I do have some issues: Does the color depth have to match the 12, 16, etc? I only have 32 bit depth pictures (of the correct size) but no way to change the color depth.

If no (they will scale) I've uploaded the pictures and changed the XML file and see an extra "slot" in my phone background, but no thunmbnail and when I select it, it says file not found. I am assuming its' due to the color depth....

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I have the exact same problems as you. I have proved it is not the graphic properties by changing the name of my graphic to an existing graphic (CiscoLogo.png  & TN-CiscoLogo.png) and then loading to flash:/Desktops.

This process overwites the existing graphics and I could then see the thumbnail and select my background picture. I suspect some extra commands need to be entered, I have asked for more information on CLI commands as mentioned in step 4 of the Steve's document.


Got it!

Thanks Robert you got me thinking. You need to CLI to the UC system and enter the folowing:

tftp-server flash:/Desktops/TN-graphicname.png
tftp-server flash:/Desktops/graphicname.png

Worked as soon as I did this,

Don't forget to write to memory (copy run start)

I added the example tftp-server commands.  Thanks Bob & Robert.



Any update to this procedure using the latest CCA?



The word is, this is on the list for CCA 3.1.  Stay tuned.   Cant commit it, but its valuable to many.