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SBCS Meetingplace Express - Solutions - Cisco Smart Business Communication Systems



Cisco Unified Meetingplace Express (CUMPE) is a single-box appliance that provides integrated voice & web conferencing for up to 200 concurrent users.
A full descrption of the benefits provided are available in the Cisco Unified Meetingplace Express Datasheet.

The diagram below shows a typical deployment of CUMPE. The CUMPE is connected to the LAN ports of the UC500 to provide voice conferencing to local & remote teleworker IP phones, as well as users dialing in from the PSTN. PC's that have IP connectivity to the CUMPE server also have access to web conferencing to enable screen sharing. CUMPE can also integrate with MS Exchange server on the LAN to provide Outlook calendar scheduling for voice and web conferences, as well as e-mail notification for meetings.



CMPE integration is supported outside of Cisco Configuration Assistant(CCA.) Please read the description below for any requirements or limitations to determine if this functionality is suitable for your deployment.

1. CMPE administration is handled through a separate Web GUI that can be accessed via HTTP or HTTPS using a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
2. Voip dial-peers must be configured on the UC500 using CLI to route calls from the UC500 to the CMPE.
3. | IP Telephony Express(IPTX) or higher training is recommended prior to implementing this solution.

The following chart shows the CMPE features that are supported in SBCS.

FeatureDescriptionSBCS Supported?
Directory IntegrationUser profile setup & authentication through directory integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, or with other standard directories such as Microsoft Active Directory.No
Microsoft Outlook and e-mail integrationSet up & attend meetings from Microsoft Outlook using a plug-in. E-mail notifications are enabled in e-mail environments supporting Microsoft Exchange or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).Yes
Network managementMonitoring and alarming are supported through the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).Yes
Phone ViewXML application on 7900 series Cisco Unified IP phones that shows who is in a meeting & who is speaking. This interface lets attendees mute and unmute themselves, control recording, & attend meetingsNo
Voice ConferencingStandards-based voice conferencing using SIP or H.323 protocols with G.711 audio codec.Yes
Video ConferencingStandards-based video conferencing using SCCP or H.323 protocols, with H.263 or H.264 compression.No
Web conferencingWeb conferencing access from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, & Solaris platforms using standard browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Safari, & Firefox) and the Adobe Flash Player.Yes


The following links show how to configure CMPE integration using UC500 CLI. Note that when the links use the terms Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express or Cisco router, they are referring to the UC500.

CMPE integration using H.323

CMPE integration using SIP

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