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SBCS Remote Teleworker - Solutions - Cisco Smart Business Communication Systems



The SBCS solution allows remote teleworkers to be communicate securely using data, voice & video. The following is the support policy for Remote Teleworker deployments in SBCS

  • A maximum of 5 users are supported per Remote Teleworker site.
  • A maximum of 10 Remote Teleworker sites are supported.
  • For Desktop form-factor (8 and 16 user SKUs), Remote Teleworker sites are only supported using G711 codec across the WAN link. Appropriate WAN bandwidth should be provisioned for such deployment. Each G711 call through a VPN connection would need close to 90 kbps of bandwidth.
  • For Rack-mount form-factor (24, 32 and 48 user SKUs), Remote Teleworker sites could use lower bandwidth codecs such as G729 across the WAN link. Each G729 call through a VPN connection would need close to 32 kbps of bandwidth


A new TEL just posted:

The document below explains how to set up a teleworker using the Cisco 870 Series Integrated Services router (ISR) with the Cisco Smart Business Communications System.

SBCS Teleworker Setup

The following application note details all the steps (Using CCA 1.8) required to configure an 871 ISR as a Teleworker for the SBCS 1.3 UC520. It includes the GUI screens and operation verification steps.

871W ISR Teleworker on SBCS


Is the 871 router capable of supporting several (i.e. 4 or 5) IP phones via VPN back to a UC500?

Yes, an 871 supports upto 5 remote phones at a remote site doing VPN back to the UC500. The 871 has 4 ethernet ports + wireless, if the requirement is for 5 desk phones an extra switch may be required at remote site.

What Cisco IP phones can work with the 871 router that is connected via VPN back to the UC500?

All Cisco IP phones supported with the UC500 such as the desk phones, 7921 Wireless phone  and Cisco IP Communicator are supported at a remote site. For 7921 phones, the wireless network needs to be designed appropriately for the best quality.

Are Emergency 911 calls supported?

Emergency 911 (E911) calls from remote teleworker IP phones is not supported. Teleworkers using remote phones connected to UC500 via a VPN should be advised not to use these phones for E911 emergency services because the local public safety answering point (PSAP) will not be able to obtain valid calling-party information. Remote workers should place any emergency calls through local office or home phone land-line phones whenever possible. Another alternative is to use a multi-site UC500 solution if E911 access is requred at each site.

If remote IP phones must be used for emergency calls, callers must be prepared to provide specific location information to the answering PSAP personnel, including street address, city, state, and country.