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SBCS - TEL #18 - Auto Attendant Script for 'no action transfer'


SBCS UC 500 Software Pack 8.0.1, comes bundled with a new Auto Attendant script, AA_SBCS_v03.aef.

Its introduction was to add the flexibility to configure an ‘extension’ for call routing if the caller doesn’t press any of the available options.  V02 script today doesn’t have this option.

Configuration of this script will not be complete in CCA in the 2.2.2 release.   The CCA release notes state this for the new release.   The only configurable parameters will be the AA extension and the PSTN number.  All else must be configured using the CUE GUI script.



I configured my AA with this script but when we are in the "AfterHoursBusiness" schedule, the scenario is the same. If no answer, the call is transfered to the extension. Is it normal ? I would like that after the message read, the call close.

Can you explain me how I have to proceed plz ?

Thank you,


The script adjusts the no action behavior the same for Open and CLosed, but it should still allow you to progam different greetings and action prompts for each.  But no action will go to the extension you select to use.


I undersand but for the Closed, I just have the message read and no action prompts. Any key has to be pressed because the message say that the office is closed. So then the call should be close but it goes on the extension defined in the field "operator" of the script.

Is there anything tips to correct this ? Is it possible to choose a script for the business hour and one for after business hour ?



Please start a discussion thread on this as (better than doc comments which not everyone subscribes to).

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