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Skype for SIP integration with UC500 configuration guide


version 1.1


Issues with this configuration.  The document above works well for me for most calls with a couple exceptions.

  • Call Quality is excellent for Voice Calls until my system transfers a call to the unity express module.  Then all I get is really garbled speech. (Anyone seen this before?) 
  • The xml config  file has been updated so the screen shots in the above instructions need to be modified a bit.

Ted - thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear all works well for the most part

1. CUE garbled voice - do not see that in my setup. Does CUE work well internally? If so not sure if there is a transcoding issue - would confirm the transcoder is registered - show sdspfarm unit status

2. Yep will change them (though I hope its minor)


is it possible to have a CLI configuration.

I am unable to complete configuration with CCA 2.1

Thank you


CLI config is fairly involved - I can scrub a config and send later tomorrow but it will not be step by step - why is CCA not going to work for you?


I reside in Greece and we do not have pstn numbers for skype.

A show run, will give me a good view of the configuration.

We work with 2800 and above routers and we are new in SBS field.

Thank you,



Solved one problem - Created another.

My issue was transcoders.  I discovered that if you have a preexisting SIP config in CCA, changing the profile does not put all the CLI in properly.  There should be a way to remove a SIP config in CCA before applying a new one.

My new issue is this.  When A call is redirected to voicemail from an IPphone Skype DID starting with 9905........... the number translation does not work properly.  Unity Express says that there is no number for that extension.



  Did you set the SIP Trunk provider to None before you applied the Skype for SIP profile? The steps to change a SIP Trunk SP on CCA would be to set the SIP trunk to None and apply config, then set SIP trunk to new SP and apply.

On the new issue - would need some more specifics on the version on the UC500 / CUE, the config and a SIP troubleshooting log from CCA for a failed call. You can private message this to me.


Private messaged you a file - note you will need to figure out the CLI - this is for a UC500, not a 2800.

Thank you very much.

I will go through, and I hope to find a way to make it work.

I ll come back to you with my results.

Thank you again.



I just re set up Skype for SIP both in CCA 2.1 and with the Beta of 2.2 using the Beta software pack.  I had the same result with both configurations and figured out the fix.

To get a Skype call to successfully redirect to voicemail I went to the web GUI of Unity Express and had to define an E.164 number for the user.  The E.164 number that worked was the 9905.......... number.


Well you know how you can fix one issue and cause another?  I now do not have DTMF relay working on calls inbound from SIP after a redirect to voicemail with the default configuration.  Any ideas?  (For all of you reading - SIP for Skype is still in beta - Finding bugs is what beta is about!)


Generally CCA should add this in if you add the DID to extension mapping. Am curious as to why that did not happen.


Not sure how DTMF fails after your last change as they are not related as far as I can see. Can you point the DID straight to the AA on CUE and see if you can press any digits. If not would need to collect logs per section 5.3 along with "deb voip rtp session named"


My DTMF issue is resolved.  The problem was with the Skype gateway.  Skype resolved the issue.



Is it possible to have two sip trunk accounts on the UC500?? With two seperate registrations..