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Smart CallConnector Toolbar


The Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar is a free solution for the Cisco Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) that integrates your phone functions directly into Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer (32 bit windows only). It provides toolbars that allow a user to make and answer calls from these applications, displaying incoming call information in a pop up window. Integration with Outlook allows you to click on a contact, whose work phone number is then presented in the dialing field. The toolbar is easy to install and use and provides inmediate value by increasing you call handling productivity.



Download Software

  • (for partners with a service contract)

System requirements

  • PC: 32-bit Windows operating system. Windows XP (with SP2), Vista, and Seven are supported. 64-bit support is scheduled for a later release.
  • PC: 50 MB free hard disk space
  • PC Toolbar applications: Microsoft Outlook 2007, IE 6.x (with SP2), 7.x, 8.x
  • IP Phones: Cisco 7900, Cisco SPA 500, Cisco SPA 300 series
  • Software pack 7.1 or later
  • UC520, UC540 and UC560 systems.
  • Optional - Access to Cisco Configuration Assistant or Office Manager may be required to get IP Phone Username and Password.

Application Notes

SCC Toolbar - Outlook dialing

SCC Toolbar Hotkeys/shortcuts localization

SCC Toolbar - Phone user name and password recovery

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Additional Support

The Cisco Smart CallConnector Toolbar is supported through the Small Business Support Community.


What's the Smart CallConnector Toolbar (known as SCC Toolbar)?

It is an Computer Telephony Integration Application, commonly known as Click-to-dial, which allows the user to make and receive (UC500) phone calls by using your Windows-based personal computer.

How much does the Smart CallConnector Toolbar cost?

SCC Toolbar is a free application to download by any UC500 user

Where is the SCC Toolbar available for download?

It is available in for download. Look at this document for links

Is it there any limit of using the SCC Toolbar?

No, as long as used with a purchased UC500 with appropriate support contract

What are the call control platforms SCC Toolbar support?

UC520, UC540 and UC560 models

Does the SCC Toolbar support presence?

No, it does not. You need to upgrade to the SCC Advanced Client + SCC Server

Does the SCC Toolbar support Instant Messaging (IM)?

No, it does not. You need to upgrade to the SCC Advanced Client + SCC Server

Does the SCC Toolbar support multiple directory integration, such as LDAP Active Directory?

No, it does not. You need to upgrade to the SCC Advanced Client + SCC Server

Can I use the SCC Toolbar with a 64 bit Windown Operating System?

Not yet. Current SCC Toolbar supports 32 bit OS only. 64 bit version is planned for a future release

Can I use the SCC Toolbar with another platform outside of UC500?

No, it will not work and also not supported

How can I get support for the SCC Toolbar installation?

We suggest you download the Quick Reference Guide. It is a fairly easy installation process. If you still require further assistance, use this support community to ask for questions.

During installation, the tool ask me for the phone user name and password, how can I obtain it?

Talk to your system administrator if you don't know the name. He can gather this info using CCA and/or Office Manager. The default password (if not set) is 123456.


I see that the product does not work outside of the UC500 series of products. Does the applications also include support for the UC520? I didn't see any mention of that.  It's great to see that this product is being offered for free.  Thank you for listening to us, Cisco!



What is the difference between Smart CallConnector and Unified CallConnector, other than cost?



Personal Client

$65 List

Toolbars in IE & Outlook

CallControl/Contact Mgmt/screen pop



Free SCC UC500 Client

Toolbars in IE & Outlook

Basic CallControl/C2D/screen pop

SCC Advanced Client

$995 for 8 Clients / UC500 only

CallControl/Contact mgmt/Screen Pop +

Softphone, presence, IM + federation 



Are the mobility features in UCC being phased out and replaced with features built into IOS or are they just going through a rewrite of some sorts since they have been missing from all the newer Call Connector versions I have seen?



I have noticed the UCC 1.6 didnt include the Mobility, so I think you may be right, but I dont know for sure.  We will need to have the BU (PM) weigh in here.


The SCC Toolbar only works with UC540 and UC560 (there are also IOS/CME version requirements -- please see the datasheet at

SCC Team.


I really hope the toolbar is going to be supported on the UC520's and ISR based CME?? Extension mobility support would also be good.

Can the SCC team confirm if these features/support are in the pipeline?



Paul Lawrie

Doesn't work on 64-bit and therefore not very compelling to us at all. Quite disappointing that cisco is so behind the times.

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir, 64 bit version will be available this fall.


Alberto, any update on the 64-bit. Since fall started September 22, do you have a more accurate release date? This is not a fringe need. I have several clients in their PC refresh cycle going completely 64-bit...

Thomas Gruendler

Does the Outlook toolbar only work with the 2007 version or is it compatible with earlier and later versions such as XP, 2003, or 2010?  I would also like an update on the 64-bit version as my largest install is looking to get this implemented byt all are using Windows 7 64-bit.

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Dear sirs;

The SCC Toolbar will support x64 bit OS and outlook by end of this calendar year (targetting december). The current toolbar works with XP, 2003 and 2007, as soon as it is a 32 bit version. No test done with Outlook 2010 yet.

Thomas Gruendler

Great, I cannot wait to test this and get it implemented.  I am guessing you meant to say "The current toolbar works with XP, 2003, and 2007, assuming it is a 32 bit version."

Thanks Alberto.

Darren Kattan

I'm running Cisco Smart CallConnector Advanced with the Smart CallConnector Toolbar in Outlook 2010 x64 on Windows 7 Pro x64 right now. It seems to work. My biggest gripe is that it lacks TAPI support so I have to copy and paste phone numbers into it to make phone calls.

Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee

Dear Darrin;

What you experience is the expected behavior with Outlook 2010 x64. This will be enhanced on SCC 2.1. Planned for Q1CY11.