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SPA 50X XML Dictionaries v7.4.5-7


Attached XML dictionaries for SPA50X phones, v7.4.X (latest version is 7.4.6)

- Danish (dk) - New

- English (en)

- French (fr)

- German (de)

- Italian (it)

- Dutch (nl)

- Norwegian (no)

- Portuguese (pt)

- Spanish (es)

- Spanish - Mexico (es_mx)

- Swedish (se)

- Czech (cz) - New [Thanks to Tomáš ]

- Polish (pl) - New [Thanks to Piotr Woronowicz, from Nicolaus Copernicus University]

- Russian (ru) - New

- Hungarian (hu) - New [Thanks to Csaba Hetényi]


- These dictionaries can be used also on the CP-500 series IP phones

- Dictionaries for SPA 525G v7.4.X also available, here

Community Member

I'm using the French dictionary on multiple SPA504G and it _almost_ works.  The only issue we've run into thus far is that changing the ring type makes the phone hang.  It lets you go through the motions and pick a new chime, and the value is actually saved, but the phone becomes unresponsive and you need to unplug it to recover.  This is not intermittent - it does it every single time, both with 7.4.3 and 7.4.4.  The English dictionary from the same .zip file works fine.  It's nothing major but playing with different ring sounds is always one of the first things new users attempt so it impacts their initial impression.  Any thoughts?

Cisco Employee


I've just tested in my lab without problem.

Consider posting a question in the forum at:

Or calling Cisco Small Business Support at: 08 05 54 04 27




Community Member


Thanks for the update.  I opened a small business support case but did not get much out of it so far.  Could the UC560 load have something to do with it?  I am using:

7.4.3 or 7.4.4 (both fail) on the phone;

15.0.1(XA2) on the UC560.

Any suggestions as to what else I should look for?  As I mentioned everything else but this appears functional so TFTP, etc. seem to be set up correctly.  I have user_locale set to FR and network_locale set to CA if that makes a difference.

Best regards,


Community Member

OK - I think I figured it out (or at least made it work).  The default RingList.xml and DistinctiveRingList.xml contain "Call Back" and "Ring" chimes, which somehow the phone attemps to translate to "Rappel" and "Sonnerie".  If I remove those chime definitions from the files, or re-label them (for instance to "Rappel" and "Sonnerie") in the xml files, then everything appears to work properly.

Best regards,


Cisco Employee

Dear Pierre Olivier;

Thanks for your detailed testing this helps to narrow down the issue. I've escalated this to our UC500 support team to see if changes can be applied for next version.



Will it be possible to obtain Polish dictionaries for SPA50xG?

All the best,


Cisco Employee

Hi Piotr,

I've checked with the phone product manager and a Polish dictionary is not on the phone's roadmap due to lack of demand.





Hello Patrick,

It is a little bit embarrassing, especially it seems not to be hard to do.

Could you at least say what I should have in file
/which is simply spa50x_30x_en_v746.xml with interchanged some parts from dictionary file for spa9x2/ in the line <trkAuthentication>SFD2-MKZJ-5SMF-W4D9-6366-JFC8-8CDD-N7AF</trkAuthentication> ?
I think if there would be something what there should be then this file would be working with IP phone.

All the best,


Cisco Employee

Hi Piotr;

I'm willing to help you (if you help us :-) to create a dictionary for Polish. Please contact me: amontill at cisco dot com


Community Member

     Hello! I have 502G phones. I tried to install russian language but something is wrong. There are Russian and English languages choice in menu, but russian worlds don't appear. Below is log of my vision_pro and part of the spa502G.cfg:

2010-11-18 14:31:58/spa/002699abf457.xmlcomplete
2010-11-18 14:21:11/spa/spa50x_30x_en_v746.xmlcomplete
2010-11-18 14:21:11/spa/spa50x_30x_ru_v746.xmlcomplete
2010-11-18 14:19:00/spa50x-30x-7-4-6.bincomplete
2010-11-18 14:18:44/spa502G.cfgcomplete


<!-- Miscellaneous -->

  <Set_Local_Date__mm_dd_ ua="na"></Set_Local_Date__mm_dd_>
  <Set_Local_Time__HH_mm_ ua="na"></Set_Local_Time__HH_mm_>
  <Time_Zone ua="na">GMT+03:00</Time_Zone> <!-- options: GMT-12:00/GMT-11:00/GMT-10:00/GMT-09:00/GMT-08:00/GMT-07:00/GMT-06:00/GMT-05:00/GMT-04:00/GMT-03:30/GMT-03:00/GMT-02:00/GMT-01:00/GMT/GMT+01:00/GMT+02:00/GMT+03:00/GMT+03:30/GMT+04:00/GMT+05:00/GMT+05:30/GMT+05:45/GMT+06:00/GMT+06:30/GMT+07:00/GMT+08:00/GMT+09:00/GMT+09:30/GMT+10:00/GMT+11:00/GMT+12:00/GMT+13:00 -->
  <Time_Offset__HH_mm_ ua="na"></Time_Offset__HH_mm_>
  <Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule ua="na"></Daylight_Saving_Time_Rule>
  <Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable ua="na">Yes</Daylight_Saving_Time_Enable>
  <DTMF_Playback_Level ua="na">-16</DTMF_Playback_Level>
  <DTMF_Playback_Length ua="na">.1</DTMF_Playback_Length>
  <Inband_DTMF_Boost ua="na">12dB</Inband_DTMF_Boost> <!-- options: 0dB/3dB/6dB/9dB/12dB/15dB/18dB -->
  <Dictionary_Server_Script ua="na">serv=tftp://;d0=English;x0=/spa/spa50x_30x_en_v746.xml;d1=Russian;x1=/spa/spa50x_30x_ru_v746.xml</Dictionary_Server_Script>
  <Dictionary_Server_Copy ua="na"></Dictionary_Server_Copy>
  <Language_Selection ua="na">Russian</Language_Selection>
  <Language_Selection_Copy ua="na"></Language_Selection_Copy>
  <Dictionary_Update_Status ua="na">255</Dictionary_Update_Status>
  <Protect_IVR_FactoryReset ua="na">No</Protect_IVR_FactoryReset>

Also I have 942 and 962 phones and it work perfectly without troubels. 502cfg was based on 942 cfg.

May be is in it problem?

Can you help me?


Hi Andrew,

I'd kindly advise you to follow these general guidelines:

- When saving the translated XML file make sure you save it as UTF-8 encoded file.

- The first line of the XML file should read this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

- Make sure tha the "Local name" in third line in the translated XML contains only latin letters. For example: <trkLocaleName>Russian</trkLocaleName>

- In the IP Phone configuration, Admin login, Advanced, Regional tab:

Dictionary Server Script               : serv=tftp://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd; d0=English; x0=spa50x_30x_en_v746.xml; d1=Russian; x1=spa50x_30x_Ru_v746.xml

Language Selection                     : Russian

Default Character Encoding        : UTF-8

- I Phone firmware must be 7.4.6

- Important to use the original English dictionary XML file (v7.4.6) as well (must also be available on the TFTP server

In your case my tip would be that either the file is not saved as UTF-8 encoded file or the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" tag is not set or the "Default Character Encoding" parameter is not configured to UTF-8 in the IP phone.

Please let us know how it's going

Best regards,

Zsolt Benko

Community Member

The problem was solved. Can not make reques to language files with folders, subfolders and slashes!!! Only to name file.

I fixed the dicronary string removing "/" before language files like in example below:

<Dictionary_Server_Script ua="na">serv=tftp://;d0=English;x0=spa50x_30x_en_v746.xml;d1=Russian; x1=spa50x_30x_ru_v746.xml</Dictionary_Server_Script>

and it was loaded. It's strange because in 922 CFG request contains the "/". )

Thanks for helps!


Hi Andrew,

I'm glad to hear that it's wokring now and thanks for your feedback.





I used SPA501G and SPA509G with an OVH SIP solution (no UC5xx, they have their own IPBX), and I wonder if it's possible to directly install a french dictionnary in these phones, using tftp ?

Thanks to all for further information.




Hi Jean-Loup,

It is indeed possible either by manually configuring a dictionary server script or including one in your XML configuration file.

You would need to download the French dictionary file as well as the original English one (both and the firmware should be version 7.4.6).

Then your dictionary server script in your XML config would be something like this:

<Dictionary_Server_Script ua="na">serv=tftp://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd/;d0=English;x0=spa50x_30x_en_v746.xml;d1=French; x1=spa50x_30x_fr_v746.xml</Dictionary_Server_Script>

When you configure it from the web GUI use only this:

serv=tftp://aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd/;d0=English;x0=spa50x_30x_en_v746.xml;d1=French; x1=spa50x_30x_fr_v746.xml

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Best regards,