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SPA 525G2 Mobile Link - Bluetooth Compatibility assessment


This document contains a list of mobile phones brands and models and their compatibility statement for features part of the Cisco Mobile Link feature set, available on the SPA 525G2 IP Phone.

The document outlines the following areas:

  • General compatibility: Defines whether the mobile phone can be considered compatible for the Cisco Mobile Link.
  • Pairing: Mobile phone can pair (link) with the SPA 525G2
  • Import Address Book: SPA 525G2 can import the mobile phone agenda into the personal directory
  • Placing call: SPA 525G2 can place a call though the mobile phone
  • Receive call: SPA 525G2 can receive a call through the mobile phone
  • Audio switch to mobile phone: SPA 525G2 can switch audio (of a Mobile Link call) to the mobile phone, known as privacy mode
  • Audio switch to IP Phone: SPA 525G2 can switch audio (of a mobile call) from the mobile phone, known as privacy mode
  • Battery indicator: SPA 525G2 can display the mobile phone battery level while on a mobile link call
  • Signal strenght indicator: SPA 525G2 can display the mobile network signal strenght while on a mobile link call
  • USB Charging: SPA 525G2 can charge the mobile phone battery via the USB port


  • OK, feature works ok
  • OK*, feature works but with some caveats or limitations
  • NOK, feature does not work properly
  • NA, feature not applicable, not supported by mobile phone

The list includes the mobile phones that have been tested against SPA 525G2. If your mobile phone is not included on the list, it is not guaranteed it will work with the SPA 525G2. For reference, the SPA 525G2 supports the following Bluetooth standards:

  • Phone Book Access profile v1.0 (for importing phone book)
  • Handsfree profile v1.5 (for connecting mobile phones)
  • Headset profile  v1.1 (for connecting bluetooth headsets)

You can obtain your mobile phone bluetooth standards compliancy here:

Last updated: June 2010


Do you have new compatibility list?

I'm having troubles with the following Nokia models when the SPA525G2 is being used as a headset:





They randomly loose the connection to the SPA525G2. Connection could be lost within several seconds to several minutes. However, Nokia 6300 works perfectly.