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SPA ATA and Gateway Documentation


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Use this Document Map to locate everything SPA112, SPA122, SPA232D, SPA8000, SPA8800, PAP2, PAP2T, SPA2102, & SPA3102 related.



Configuration Guides

Quick Start Guides [SPA112, SPA122, SPA232D, PAP2T, SPA2102, SPA3102, SPA8000, SPA8800, WRP400] (no longer avaiable)

Cisco Small Business Analog Terminal Adapter Administration Guide [SPA112, SPA122, SPA232D, PAP2T, SPAx102, SPA8x00, WRP400]

Cisco Small Business Analog Terminal Adapter Provisioning Guide [SPA1x2 and SPA232D]

Cisco IP Telephony Devices Provisioning Guide [PAP2T, SPAx102, SPA8x00, WRP400, SPA3xx and SPA5xx]

WRP400 User Guide

App Notes

SPA ATAs Skype For SIP interoperability app note

Configuring the Cisco SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway in an Asterisk Environment

Security in IP Telephony - Activating SIP over TLS on SPA Voice Products

Integrating the UC500 with the SPA8000 FXS Gateway

Other configuration documents

SPA122 Web-UI Administration Access using the WAN Port

Generating a sample configuration file for SPA Voice products

Field Notice: spacroot.crt Deprecated

Instructions for creating signed SSL Certificates for SPA Voice products

IVR [Integrated Voice Response] Codes

Routing calls between PSTN and VoIP with a SPA3102

SPA8000: Configuration Management

SPA ATA: Fax--T.38 Basic Configuration

SPA ATA: Voice-Fax-Voice--Basic Configuration

SPA232D & SPA302D: From Getting Started to Advanced Call Routing Scenarios

Troubleshooting documents

SPA1xx Resync_At and other parameters taking on strange value

Installation debugging - Blink pattern from Power LED

Debug and syslog Messages from SPA1x2 and SPA232D ATA (Analog Telephone Adapters)

SPA troubleshooting - Saving debug/syslog traces on older SPA ATAs

SPA troubleshooting - Using the slogsrv utility

SPA troubleshooting - saving a PAP2T's Configuration

SPA troubleshooting - saving a SPA2102 / SPA3102 Configuration

SPA troubleshooting - saving a SPA8000's Configuration

SPA troubleshooting - saving a WRP400's Voice Configuration

SPA-Voice Debug - Reboot Reason List

Denial of Service (DoS) Attack Prevention

SPA1xx Firmware Upgrade: No Browse Button

ATA Firmware Upgrade: Browse Button disabled [grayed-out / inactive]

Installing and Using Wireshark for Capturing Network Traffic

New SPA112 / SPA122 Not Requesting Configuration File or Firmware--Solution

Call states of SPA IP Phones and ATA devices (NewCallState syslog message)

Related Products Configuration Guides

SPA9000 Voice System Configuration Guides

SPA Phones Configuration Guides


SPA112 & SPA122 Time Zone Parameters and XML

SPA ATA Firmware & Tools

Release Notes for Firmware Revisions

WRP400: USB Modem Compatibility List and Instructions

Product Warranty

SPA ATA: Saving the XML Configuration for Analysis using the admin/config.xml URL

Retrieving SPA112 and SPA122 Configuration URL and including admin credentials in URL

Determining the firmware version on SPA112, SPA122, and SPA232D

SPA ATA Firmware Upgrade Process Explained

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Webcast-ISE Deployment and Best Practices