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SPA Phone Resync_At__HHmm_ Resync at Time of Day Feature


As of SPA IP phone firmware release 7.4.7, phones can now be configured to resynchronize with their provisioning server based on the time of day.

This feature can be configured at the phone's web-UI as follows:
     http://phoneIPaddress/admin/advanced > Provisioning tab > Configuration Profile > Resync At (HHmm):


The feature can also be set in the phone's configuration file where the configuration file's information is as follows:

<Resync_At__HHmm_ ua="na">2132</Resync_At__HHmm_>   <!-- at 9:32PM -->

  • By default, this value for this option is blank which indicates that the feature is not enabled.
  • In the event that an invalid entry in inserted into this field, the feature will not be enabled.
  • In order to prevent a server from being flooded with simultaneous resync requests from many phones, the phone will automatically trigger a resync in the range of resync time plus ten minutes.
    In other words, if the phone is configured to resync at 9:32 PM, it will resync any time between 9:32 PM and 9:42 PM [This random +10 minutes is not user-configurable.]

Note1: If the Resync_At__HHmm_ parameter is provisioned, Resync_Periodic is ignored.

Note2: The Resync_At__HHmm_ parameter co-exists with all other resync parameters and resync triggers.


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