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SPA300, SPA500 Series IP Phones Tips for OnPlus

Portal Feature

Cisco IP Phones are only discovered via CDP and CAM table entries. Since the phones reside on a different VLAN, the OnPlus Agent device is unable to discover them using other methods. If phones are plugged into a router/switch that is not supported by the OnPlus Portal, they will not display in the Topology.

Access/Device   Information

The following information will be gathered for these phones during discovery: serial number, product and version ID (PID/VID), and the software version. No other information is read or set.

The backup/restore and firmware via the management capabilities item in the Info tab are disabled.

Once the serial number has been set for a phone, it will not be accessed again. In some cases the phone will be accessed multiple times until the full discovery information is sent to the OnPlus Agent.

A phone may be accessed multiple times if it has a load from the factory that does not support HTTP access. Once the phone has been configured into a PBX system that supports HTTP access and has an upgraded the phone load, it will be accessed to obtain the needed information.

UC320 with an SA500 (grey-field install) will need a route from data network VLAN 1 to voice network VLAN 100 (on this UC320, Networking -> Routing-> static -> Destination = /24 Interface = LAN Gateway =

Note: Cisco OnPlus Service was tested with the 301 and 303 models, with feature support expected to apply to all other models in the series.