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SPA301 & SPA501G IVR Menu Options


Working on a SPA IP phone can be frustrating if you do not have the interactive voice response [IVR] options available.

Don't forget that you can access the phone's help menu if you prefer to navigate without using IVR codes.

IVR Codes

Access IVR****
Announce WAN IP address110
Control WAN port admin web server [1 to enable, 0 disable]7932
Reset to ITSP defaults877778
Factory reset73738 [R-E-S-E-T]
Exit IVR3948 [E-X-I-T]
Announce DHCP100
Enable DHCP [0 for DHCP, 1 for static IP, 3 for PPPoE]101
Set WAN port static IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]111
Announce WAN netmask120
Set WAN netmask [* for period, disable DHCP first]121
Announce WAN gateway IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]130
Set WAN gateway IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]131
Announce  MAC address140
Announce firmware version150
Announce  primary DNS IP address160
Set primary DNS server IP address [* for period, disable DHCP first]161
Announce admin web server WAN port170
Reboot the device732668 [R-E-B-O-O-T]

Entering a Password with the IVR

To input the password  using the phone keypad, the following translation convention applies:

·         A, B, C, a, b, c—press 2

·         D, E, F, d, e, f—press 3

·         G, H, I, g, h, i—press 4

·         J, K, L, j, k, l— press 5

·         M, N, O, m, n, o—press 6

·         P, Q, R, S, p, q, r, s—press 7

·         T, U, V, t, u, v—press 8

·         W, X, Y, Z, w, x, y, z—press 9

·         All other characters in the Administrator account  password, press 0



I would like to know the ivr code to set and announce the vlan id for the ip phone spa501g as it does not offer help button  9.

Community Member



I am trying to configure mi IP Phone, but when I go into the web page, I do not have the admin login you know why?




You should start discussion for questions like it. What's the value of [ Info ] tab, Product Information paragraph,  Customization variable ? If you see other value than "Open" here, then you have OEM / customized unit with restricted access. Return it to seller unless it is intentional.


Note 7932 seems to be R-W-E-B (Remote Web)



When entering a password on the keypad of a SPA301 phone, how are numbers entered?


Are they the first character in the sequence, followed by upper case letters?


Or at the end of that sequence?


Or not at all, so zero is substituted for the specific number?


I have a SPA301 that is asking for the admin password when I press 9 to get to the IVR menu to reset it. It's brand new in the box and I am provisioning it for use on my own in-house system, this is not connected in any way to a VoIP service provider. It started out with factory defaults, then I loaded a provisioning file that I have modified, and now I want to test by restarting clean from factory settings.