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SPA400: Rebuilding the USB drive for voicemail


In the event that you want/need to rebuild a USB drive for a SPA400, here's what you need to do:

Download from the SPA400 Voice Mail Module download” [4.41 MB] from here

  1. Power down the SPA400
  2. Remove the USB drive from the SPA400
  3. Connect the USB drive to a computer and mount the drive
  4. Copy off all of the files as a backup [in case you want to retain any voice mail]
  5. Delete the contents of the USB drive
  6. Uncompress the downloaded SPA400 Voice Mail Module file
  7. Copy the uncompressed default files to the USB drive with spa400 at the root of the USB drive [USB drive:\ spa400vm]
  8. Unmount the USB drive from the computer
  9. Insert the USB drive into the SPA400
  10. Power up the SPA400
  11. Verify the USB and Voice mail status [SPA400 web-ui > Status > SPA400 Status:
    USB status: Mount
    Voice mail status: OK





that download link no longer works. Could you update it to show the new location?




Where can I download it, I need it too. I think I need the SPA400 Voice Mail Module. I have this problem in my SPA400 that I want to work as the voicemail server. I am using SPA9000 in a LAN, together with a PAP2T and a SPA400 that works as PSTN gateway, and supposedly mail server but it encountered a problem. I attached a screen capture of the SPA400. I hope somebody can help me resolve this problem, I am new to this site.... and I don't know where and how yet.


I'm in need of the voice mail modules files but it seems that the link you provided is not working. Could you please confirm the correct link to download the files? Regards, Ariel.

Glenn Martin
Cisco Employee

Hi Arielgrin:

I was investigating your other post: SPA400 VoiceMail Module Files, in the community. Do you want to work from here or use that one? I'm trying to find the new location for the files, and as soon as I can get an answer I will post. 




We can work from anyone of them, the one you think would be most beneficial not just for me but also for others to find the new link. Thanks for your help, Ariel.

Glenn Martin
Cisco Employee

Hello Everyone. This document has been updated with the correct file location:


Dear Glenn: since you helped me with the link to download SPA400 VM files, I'm asking for your help in order to download SPA9000 Autoattendant (AA) Prompts.

I'm trying to download the Spanish localized promtps by following the link that is listed on thread but the link doesn't work. Is there any way you can help me again? Thanks, Ariel.


Patrick thank you for the VM files.   As I mentioned elsewhere we have an SPA9000/SPA400 system with SPA942 handsets.   Making a long story short we need to reinstall it but due to the death of the previous sysadmin we ned to find the SPA9000 Setup Wizard SW which is no longer in the download area described in the documentation.   Are you able to help?  Thanks,  Clem Cole