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SPA525G Screen Saver: Displaying photographs and graphics


If you want to use the SPA525G to display advertisements, logos, or photographs while the SPA525G phone is idle, this document is for you.

The SPA525G Wallpaper: Displaying photographs and graphics. document describes wallpaper configuration.

The SPA525G can display any size JPG image, but the phone's screen is 320x240 pixels in size.

The JPG images can have up to 32-bits of color depth.

Basically the above means that you can display any JPG image that you like. 
[Please remember that this is a phone, so don't expect it to deal with megapixel-sized files. A photograph or a logo will be under 200kB in size.]

Configure the SPA525G Screen Saver Using the phone:

  1. Copy your favorite photos on the USB key into the \pictures directory
  2. Insert the USB key into the SPA525G's USB slot
  3. Press the setup button [looks like a page with top-right corner bent]
  4. Press 6, User Preferences
  5. Press 3, Screen Preferences
  6. Navigate right to toggle Screen Saver to ON
  7. Press Save [now, not later]
  8. Press 3, Screen Preferences
  9. Navigate to Screen Saver Settings
  10. Navigate right and select Digital Frame
  11. Modify the Trigger Interval and Refresh Interval if you want
  12. Press Save to return to the Screen Preferences screen
  13. Press the setup button [looks like a page with top-right corner bent] to exit
  14. Sit back, wait for the trigger interval [30 seconds, by default], and enjoy the slide show


The attached archive contains some 320x240 BMP and JPG images that you can test with.

Cisco Employee

Great write-up, Patrick!

At step 13, one can also press the Setup button again (the one referenced in Step 3), to return all the way to the normal phone screen, similar to the 7900 series phones.

Regarding putting the photos in the root directory - that seems to be fine for selecting one as Wallpaper, but for the purposes of the Screen Saver function, it only works for me if the photos are in the /pictures folder on the USB drive.

Thanks for the doc!

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Hi jbourne,

I'm glad that you found the doc to be of  use.

I've removed the root reference, good catch, thanks.

I replaced steps 13 and beyond with a new step 13.

I appreciate your suggestions.




Shaun Bender

How do I make this a global setting pushed out to the phones from CME?

Cisco Employee

Patrick, do the pictures need to be in a specific named folder on the drive for this to work?  I noticed for the MP3, the files must be in a folder called "MP3".

The phone does not recognize that I have any pictures on the USB drive and i do not know why.

yes, /pictures

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Also make sure that you performed step 6.

In addition, refer to for another way to view the photos.

Watch the USB drive when you insert it, the LED should flash after about 10 seconds when the phone accesses it.

I've attached some sample photos that I know to work without problem.




Scott Martin

Is it possible to:

a) delete the inbuilt images (or are these hard coded to the firmware?)

b) upload to the phone flash other than with a custom background (to replace inbuilt) thereby eliminating the need for USB to be attached?


I've followed this document exactly but not had any luck the phone is connected to a UC540 - does that make a difference?

Pictures are in the pictures directory on the USB - I'm not getting any USB flashing/activity when I press sideways to select other images.

Scott Martin

One must be patient. I have noticed it can take up to 30 seconds for the phone to recognise the USB device after insertion. Also check the file as only certain file types are supported. I think there is also a volume size limitation, and I think it has to be FAT32, rather than NTFS partition on your USB stick. Hope this helps.