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SPA525G_Video_Monitor_using CCA.pdf


This document shows how to use the CCA (2.2.2) Video Monitoring Wizard, to allow allows small businesses to integrate up to 4 Cisco xVC2300 cameras (X= P for POE or W for wireless) into the color display of the SPA525G IP Phone, in a UC 500 environment.

The phone can operate wirelessly on the Data VLAN of the UC 500 as can the WVC2300 giving the capability to connect anywhere there is AC power. The cameras operate in dual stream - dual CODEC mode, and use the MJPEG stream for the phone. The cameras MPEG-4 stream as well as the MJPEG images can be simultaneously used by other applications the cameras support in conjunction with this capability. These include:

  • FTP motion detected images to a Network Storage System (NSS)
  • SMTP motion detected images to an EMAIL account
  • Monitoring and recording (up to 16) from the Cisco SWVMS16 (free with camera)
  • Accessed via WEB (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • Real-time streaming (SAMBA)

Small business may enjoy monitoring front door, rear door, parking lot, etc., and find it makes a better case for physical security and after seeing the cameras capability and quality, may decide to expand video in the SB to include these other functions listed above, which is an excellent Partner practice to build.

Once you set up the cameras MJPEG stream via the camera WEB GUI, CCA is used to add the bonjour discovered cameras to the community. Then the Video Monitor Setup Wizard can be run to push the phone configuration for multiple phones for monitoring of up to 4 cameras each and also associating a phone extension to each camera.

Ben M Johnson

I've not been able to get this wizard to work.

Newest firmware on spa525g2 (7.4.7) and pvc2300 (V1.1.2R06) . 8.1.0 and CCA 3.0 on UC540w.

SPA is in SCCP mode, and I made web server writable to try and make it work.

Works every time if I follow the manual steps of building the URL and pasting it into the phones web interface.

Tried it back on 2.2.6 as well to no avail.

Any ideas?



I would call the SBSC (1-866-606-1866) and open a ticket to work with you to resolve the issue.  I tried it this morning with no problems.