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SPA525G Wallpaper: Displaying photographs and graphics


If you want to change the background of the SPA525G to your company's logo, or a photograph of your dog, this document is for you.

The SPA525G Screen Saver: Displaying photographs and graphics. document describes screen saver configuration.

The SPA525G can display any size JPG image, but the phone's screen is 320x240 pixels in size.

The JPG images can have up to 32-bits of color depth.

Basically the above means that you can display any JPG image that you like.  [Please remember that this is a phone, so don't expect it to deal with megapixel-sized files. A photograph or a logo will be under 200kB in size.]

Configure Wallpaper Selection Using the phone:

  1. Copy your favorite photos on the USB key into the \pictures directory.
  2. Insert the USB key into the SPA525G's USB slot.
  3. Press the setup button [looks like a page with top-right corner bent]
  4. Press 6, User Preferences
  5. Press 3, Screen Preferences
  6. Scroll down to Wallpaper
  7. Navigate right to display the Select an image screen
    This causes the phone to check the USB key's \pictures directory
  8. Press View display a full size version of the image
    Use the Previous, Next, and Back soft keys to scroll between the images
  9. Press Select to choose the new background image
  10. Press Set to save your selection
  11. Press the setup button [looks like a page with top-right corner bent] to exit and display the phone's regular display with the new wallpaper


Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

Here are two observations in release 7.2.5

a) If the SPA525G was provisioned with a BMP Picture Download URL: and a Background Picture Type: "Download BMP Picture" , the "downloaded picture" overwrites the chosen wallpaper picture from the USB stick.

b) it seems the SPA525G does not scan the[ / ]directory of the USB stick but only the [ /pictures ] directory

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee

Thanks Jo,

I've updated the document to show that the pictures directory is used.

Great observation that Background Picture Type overrides the USB stick's wallpaper.





the attached screenshot is not taken from an SPA525G, right? i'm running the latest firmware (7.3.5) and there's no such thing as a "BMP Picture Download URL" textbox.

Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

The screenshot was taken from a SPA525G running 7.2.3


hm. very weird. i don't see the entire section where you can set the wallpaper / logo on neither 7.3.5 nor the much older version that came with the phones (7.2.x).

does it make a difference whether does phones are connected to CME or not? is the WEB GUI in some way crippled when the phone is part of a CME installation?

Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

There is a difference in features supported if you run the phone in SPCP mode or in SIP mode.

The screenshot was taken with the phone in SIP mode.

(In 7.2.3 you can choose the call control mode under the admin config on the phone itself)

Community Member

Just wondering if there is any other magic.  I have followed the instructions to a "T" and cannot seem to get the phone to read the USB Drive and find the pic.  Any thoughts?

Jeremy Koch

One imporant thing is the file must be between 30kB and 300kB.

Also the phone does some weired things with sizing and positioning.... you will have to test and reposition your logo on a 320x240 pixel background to make this work.

Its really quite an amature attempt at this feature....but i guess at least its there... like most cisco UC series features

Jo Kern
Cisco Employee

This feature improved quite a bit since 2009 when the post was created. With the current firmware you can downlod jpgs from the USB stick quite easily and the resizing also works quite good.