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SPA9000 Voice System Documentation


Welcome to the list of SPA9000 Voice System Documentation!

SPA 9000 Frequently Asked Questions


SPA9000 IPPBXDownload
SPA400 PSTN Gateway with VoicemailDownload

Configuration Guides

Config Guide: Installation and Configuration Guide of SPA9000 Voice System (Release 6.1, Setup Wizard 2.1)

config guide: spa9000 voice system administration guide(Release 6.1)

Config Guide: SPA9X2 and WIP310 IP Phones Administration Guide

Config Guide: SPA400 Caller ID Localization Configuration

Application Notes

New - SPA9000 Skype For SIP interoperability app note

App Note: SPA9000 Analog Phone IP PBX Configuration

App Note: Configuring WIP310 Wireless-G IP Phone with SPA9000 Voice System (Requires SPA9000 Setup Wizard 2.1)

App Note: Mediatrix 4400 ISDN Series Gateway integration with SPA9000 Voice System (Requires SPA9000 Setup Wizard 2.1)

App Note: Configuring the SPA9000 Voice System with the Cyberdata VoIP Intercomm for Door bell applications

Other related documents

New -SPA400 configuration parameter for country localization of caller ID

Configure a SPA9000 AA entry to leave Voicemail

SPA9000/SPA400 Inbound Call Routing

SPA9000 Hardware Version 1 or Version 2?

Generating a sample configuration file for SPA Voice products

Field Notice: spacroot.crt Deprecated

Instructions for creating signed SSL Certificates for SPA Voice products

SPA-Voice Products (Remote) Provisioning Guide (Registered Partners only - password required)

Cisco IP Telephony Devices Provisioning Guide

SPA400: Rebuilding a USB Drive for voicemail

Provisioning: Disabling Automatic Provisioning by the SPA9000

SPA9000 Setup Wizard: On multiple computers

SPA9000 and ATA IVR [Integrated Voice Response] Codes and Auto Attendant Message Menu [Located in ATA documentation]

SPA400 Voicemail Tree Quick Reference Card

Dial Plans: SPA9000 and SPA Phones


New - New - SPA troubleshooting - Saving a SPA9000's Configuration

New - New - SPA troubleshooting - Saving a SPA400's Configuration

New - New - SPA troubleshooting - Extracting / Pushing a Device's Configuration

New - New - SPA troubleshooting - Debug and syslog Messages from the SPA9000

New - New - SPA troubleshooting - Debug and syslog Messages from the SPA400

New - New - SPA troubleshooting - Using the slogsrv.exe Utility

SPA-Voice Debug - Reboot Reason List

SPA9000 Setup Wizard Not discovering SPA IP phones


Thank you Alberto.  It's nice to have all that information in one place.



Do you have an idea that, SPA9000 would support any other standard brand SIP support?



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