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SPA9000 Voice System Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions for SPA9000





Q: What is the technology behind SPA9000?
A: Cisco (formerly Linksys, formerly Sipura) SPA technology, based on SIP (RFC3261) protocol.

Q: What IP Phone models are supported by SPA9000?
A: Any Cisco SPA900 phone (SPA901, SPA921, SPA941, SPA922, SPA942, and SPA962 (with SPA932)), SPA525G and WIP310 IP phones.

Q: I have heard about LVS? What does it stand for and how does it relate to SPA9000?
A: LVS stands for Linksys Voice System, the former (Linksys) name for the SPA9000 Voice System. Latest release of SPA9000 Voice System was named LVS2.0. Because of the product transition to Cisco, LVS name has been changed to Cisco SPA9000 Voice System.

Q: Can the SPA9000 communicate with the PSTN?
A: You need SPA400 PSTN gateway to communicate with the PSTN. A SPA400 occupies one SIP trunk and supports 4 FXO ports. You can attach up to 4 SPA400 to a SPA9000, depending on the number of SIP trunks used towards the ITSPs.

Q: Can the SPA9000 communicate with the ISDN?
A: You need a third party ISDN VoIP GW to allow SPA9000 to communicate with ISDN networks. Mediatrix(R) 4400 GW Series are certified with the SPA9000 (Configuration Guide available). Mediatrix(R) 4400 GW series includes 4401 (1 BRI), 4402 (2 BRI) and 4404 (4 BRI). Similar to SPA400 connectivity, you can attach up to 4 Mediatrix(R) 4400 GW series to a SPA9000, depending on the number of SIP trunks used towards the ITSPs and SPA400.

Q: Does the SPA9000 supports remote provisioning?
A: Yes, SPA9000 supports the SPA Secure Remote Provisioning mechanism, that enabled full configuration management of the device by a service provider. It uses secure web technologies (https, SSL certificates, XML templates) to ensure configuration data is kept private between the server and the PBX. We recommend the AMDOCS Jacobs Rimell SIP UE Quick Start configuration management server as the Provisioning Server for SPA9000. Service Provider can also develop their provisioning APIs towards the system as it is based on basic but secure web technologies.


Q: How many users are supported by SPA9000?
A: Up to 16 User plus 2 analog phones. Please note that from 5.1.9 release, no license key is required to support the 16 users.

Q: How many SIP trunks are supported by SPA9000?
A: Up to 4 independent SIP trunk "servers/peers", i.e. it can register/route calls/communicate with up to 4 different call servers. Each SIP trunk has unlimited call capacity (call capacity is determined by the number of IP PhonesxLinesPerIPphone, the Broadband connection bandwidth and the codec used.

Q: What's the call capacity of the SPA9000?
A: SPA9000 is a non-blocking IP PBX, as there is no call capacity limit per se. Hard Call capacity limit includes the following factors: SIP trunk capacity (simultaneous sessions offered by the ITSP), number of phones x lines per phones (max. is 16 phones x 6 lines/phone-spa962 = 96) and the bandwidth of the broadband connection. For performance reasons it is not recommended to support more than 16 simultaneous sessions per trunk.

Q: What's the capacity of the Auto attendant, also known as number of AA ports?
A: The SPA9000 AA can serve up to 10 concurrent users/calls if using low complexity codec (G.711, G.723.1 or G.726) or up to 2 concurrent users if using G.729 on the SIP trunk.

Q: What's the capacity of the SPA400 voicemail?
A: SPA400 supports up to 32 mailboxes, and supports 2 ports (2 simultaneous users) if the unit is also used as a PSTN gateway. If the SPA400 is used as standalone server, up to 10 simultaneous sessions are supported.


Q: How do I restore to the default internal music file?

A:Download the default internal music from  here, and tftp it from your SPA9000.
From the web configuration utility, go to the SIP tab. Under PBX parameter "Call Park Music URL ", type in the tftp path of the music file.  If you want to use your own music file, please refer to SPA9000 user guide for instructions.

Q: How can I verify the client connections?

A: Click on PBX Status located next to the Line 4 tab.

Q: I manually entered the proxy address into the SPA942 but it doesn't register with the SPA9000

A: Check the SPA9000's IP address and the corresponding port. The default port is 6060: Proxy Listen Port. For example: is put in the Proxy location of the SPA942.

Q: Can I register the FXS ports to an outside proxy?

A: The FXS ports are registered directly with the SPA9000. There are no options for the FXS ports to connect to another proxy.

Q: Why does my SPA942 reboot when rebooting the SPA9000?

A: When booting takes place, the SPA9000 sends a multicast message to request all client stations to gracefully reboot. This allows the client stations to redo a DHCP discovery, download latest phone parameters and register with the SPA9000.

Q: Can I talk to the person who started a group page?

A: Group page is one-way only. Paged client stations can only listen and not talk to the page originator.

Q: Can I register more than four clients?

A: Yes, upgrade your SPA9000 FW to a firmware equal or newer than 5.1.9. It will automatically upgrade capacity to 16 users.

Q: What is the auto attendant?

A: The SPA9000 contains an internal Auto Attendant (AA) that can handle up to 10 incoming calls. The AA is assigned to the reserved user-id "aa ". The AA will automatically answer the outside/inside incoming calls with greetings and directory messages that allow callers to select the appropriate departments or known extension numbers.

Q: How is voicemail handled?

A: SPA9000 assumes voice mail service is offered in conjunction with the SPA400 (which supports 32 voicemail boxes) or externally by the service provider. Hence, accessing the voicemail application server (to deposit or check voicemail) is similar to calling an external number or call forward to an external number. This interface is based on the use of special user-ids "vm" for depositing voicemail, "vmm " for checking/managing voicemail and the P-Mailbox header.
The SPA9000 relays the voicemail access request and notification messages between client stations and the voicemail application server on the SPA400 or to the service provider. The voicemail access and notification interface between the SPA9000 and the service provider can be configured to support a variety of voicemail applications.




Please can i use Linksys SPA3102 as the PSTN gateway for SPA9000?

I am setting up SPA9000 but have only PSTN as the only gateway Option. SPA400 seems too expensive for me. I am thinking if i can use SPA3102 as an alternative.

Your confirmation would be highly appreciated.



I would like to know how to set up the SPA9000 for using Callcentric voice mail.  I have reached out to them and they do not know how to help.