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SRP500 Documentation


If you have been looking for documentation for the SRP500, this is how to find it:

Documentation specific to the SRP500 is accessible from the product home page on (


Be sure to follow the right link from this page to get to the documentation you require.

Note: these link categories on this page are common for all products on

Additional Resources:  Here you will find marketing material useful for pre-sales.  In particular, data sheets, white papers and positioning material.

Support Links: Here you will find all of the documentation useful for installation and maintenance of the product.  Specifically:

General Information: For example firmware release notes

Dowload Software: Link to software centre area for the SRP500.

Reference Guides: Technical reference guides that are intended to provide deeper technical information that the data sheet

Install and Upgrade: These are the basic user guides that describe how unbox the device and connect it to your services.

Maintain and Operate: This is where you will find the detailed documentation for configuring and supporting the product such as the Administrator Guide.

Interim Documentatation

Currently the SRP500 specific documentation does not include all of the detail that we would like to offer.  We are currently working on a more comprehensive set of documentation, but in the mean time, the following guides may provide the information you require.

Please note that not all of the functionality described in the documents listed below is implemented by the SRP500.

Configuring the SRP Voice Ports:  The voice ports on the SRP500 are configured in much the same way as the other ATAs in the Small Business Product portfolio.  Refer to the ATA Administration Guide for details on how to configure this devices.  Chapter 4 and Annex B will be of specific applicability.

Provisioning the SRP500 using XML: The XML API of the SRP500 follows the same concept as the other Small Business IP Phones and ATAs.  Refer to the Phone and ATA Provisioning Guide for details on how to use this interface.

Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee

Hi Everyone,

Please note that the Quick Start Guide for the SRP520 Series has now been updated.  The document is posted on here.