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SRP500 Tips for OnPlus


Read this section for important information about limitations and caveats that apply to Cisco OnPlus Portal device feature support as it related to SRP500.

Portal Feature

If CDP is enabled the device will be discovered properly. UPnP discovery is also done, but the device’s core firmware reports different version of the firmware in CDP and UPnP discovery. The portal uses the CDP data.

Device Configuration Backup and Restore

The backup of the SRP500 series router consist solely of storing a copy of the config.xml, status.xml, and strike.xml files.

To restore the configuration, the saved file is copied to config.xml and strike.xml, and the router is rebooted if needed by the device, loading the new configuration.

The Status.xml file is static and does not get restored. This file changes as the configuration changes on the device.

Backup and restore both require device access credentials for the admin user (login and enable access).

Upgrade Firmware

The firmware for the SRP500 router is included in the feature pack. You can download new firmware from and uploaded to the device via the portal while logged in as an agent.

Remote Access

Web connectivity to the device will connect you to the http access page for the device.

Note: Cisco OnPlus Service was tested with the SRP521 and SRP526 models, with feature support expected to apply to all other models in the series.