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Technical Enablement Lab: SCC Attendant Console Operator


Cisco Small Business just expanded its offering for client and server integration of a new Smart Call Connector (SCC) Attendant Console which can be leveraged by the small business operating UC 540 or UC 560 who need a client based Attendant Console. includes release Notes and Admin Guides you should refer to in configuring your system. The SCC itself has a built in Wizard as well, that will walk you through a complete configuration. See appendix.

There are two application ‘tools’ that come with the install as well. One to manage the services, which run on the PC Server to enable all the things SCC Attendant Console can do, and a Cisco CallConnector Configuration Manager (with navigation Wizard) that helps you configure your Standalone Operator and up to one backup Attendant (optional).

SCC Attendant Console integrates directly to a CCA configured system and it will push configuration to UC 500 as it is configured and there will be only a few Out of Band (OOB) Command Line Interface (CLI) entries required (defined in the release notes) to complete the integration.

This document shows a typical deployment so partners can see how its implemented and see the options available to deploy your own system.

The SCC Attendant will require a DATA VLAN Static IP address, since communications between the UC 500 and it will be required to be reliable and predictable (no DHCP).

The SCC Attendant will control the media of one Cisco IP phone (from the list given in the release notes) which supports octal line appearance.