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TEL#25: "The Office" Demo with CCA_3.0


2/23/2011:  CCA 3.0 with SWP 8.1.0  update from the BU

8/27/2010:  Its official.  8.0.4 and 2.2.5 out among FCS land.   I updated the doc to reflect the latest and greatest

8/6/2010:  getting really close to official release.   Added Speedial (Personal and System (local) and Shared Octal line, and C-Barge with Privacy, and some other updates.

7/27/2010:  The latest Guide shows CCA 2.2.5 and UC5xx SWP 8.0.4 (both not officially available, but CCA 2.2.5 is in limited EFT)

I had to post the new version in advance of SWP release.

For further information:

If the reason you became a Cisco Select (or higher) Partner is to sell Cisco Small Business solutions, you will struggle selling a system unless you are comfortable showing it to a customer.

Cisco Employee

Steve,  This is a phenomenal piece of work!  Great job!


Very comprehensive document, however the demo stops for me when I try to change the region to Australia, no option available and the language for CUE to UK English. Unable to locate .tar file as per CCA instructions.

From CCA, go to Partner Connection -> UC500 Software Download. It takes us to Is it there?  No its not.  Sorry, checked and they should be restored COB today.....


Working on setting this up and I think I may just be naive but here is where I am hung up:  How does one create a "Dialable Intercom"  ???  I can create Intercoms between people 1to1 button relationships.. is that what you are looking for here?? 


I am following up on the "Dialable Intercom" is  this something that can be configured now in CCA  ?  I saw your post here: which makes me think that it is still not implemented but the demo guide here tell you this.

I am using CCA 2.2.4 and 8.0.2 and may this is my problem.    Where can 2.2.5 and 8.0.3 be downloaded ?? Sorry for the questions!!


Where do you download "TheOffice" configuration files?  Thanks.

There are no configuration files.   The way this works is you create it by doing it with CCA.