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TEL # 27 Configuring and Alternate Greeting for AA


The Auto Attendant runs on Cisco Unity Express (CUE) on the UC500.  Cisco Configuration Assistant is used to configure the AA, which includes Open and Closed greetings, menu prompts, Prompt management extension, prompt management authorized users, and in the AA_SBCS_v03.aef script (comes packaged in the 8.0.4 UC500 SW Pack) a no action transfer destination.

Partners have discovered that the Prompt Management menu includes the capability to record an “alternate greeting”, which plays as a prefix to open or closed greeting (depending on the schedule set in CCA for business hours). 

This doc shows how to make it work


Opsss.... with OOo does not see the script!

For those who have not Word You can add a zip with the script?

An interesting feature of AA would be to make a first selection based on the Caller ID say a 3-way selection:

- Anonymous calls to a menu / voicemail different
- Call from Caller-ID in a list directly to the extension shown in the list
- All other calls to the standard menu!

Just to speed up certain calls and filter some of the unsolicited :-)

I miss something?




Thank you for this. I do not know the system at all or how it works. My client purchased it from one provider years ago but has since moved to another who does not support this messaging system.


It had not been touched for the longest time but some changes were made and the recorded greeting came on for night service no longer runs unless I record an alternate greeting as our main night service greeting.


I am guessing what has replaced it no longer has action items in it because the caller can not even dial 0 to leave a message or do anything. 


I would need to find someone who can help me reconfigure, better understand and document the setup.