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Time-Based Call Handling - Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series - Cisco Smart Business Communication Systems



While the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series does not have a complete Time-of-Day call routing capability, there are a number of options that control how calls are handled based on the time of day and/or the day of the week.

Time-Based Call Handling Using an Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant script AA_SBCS_v01.aef that is included in the UC500 software bundles allows the auto attendant to play different greetings and offer different menu options based on the date and time of day.  See the Auto Attendant wiki page for more details on this script and how to use it.

Time-Based Call Handling Using CUE scripting

In many cases, the customer requirement does not include playing any prompts or receiving any input from the caller, but rather having incoming calls ring at one destination during business hours, and a different destination after hours.  This may be readily accomplished using a custom script for the Voicemail/AA application, similar to the sample located here.  The sample script allows the user to define the schedule that applies, and the business hours and after hours destinations.  The schedule may also be manually overridden.  See this page for information on creating and implementing custom scripts with CUE.

Time-Based Call Handling Using Night Service

The night service feature allows time-based call handling without utilising any ports on the Voicemail/AA application.  However, configuring night service requires the use of CLI today, and as a result, does not readily allow the schedule to be altered.

The configuration below shows and example of how night service may be use to provide time-based call handling.  Incoming calls route to extension 200, which then forwards the call to extension 501 (a hunt group for example) during business hours, and to extension 299 after hours.



night-service weekday 17:00 08:00

night-service weekend 00:00 00:00


ephone-dn 10 dual-line

number 200

call-forward all 501

call-forward night-service 299

night-service bell


See the documentation for night service for more details as to the configuration options available.