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UC300 3rd party Voice gateway compatibility


Local VoIP Gateways provides on-premise connectivity to the UC300 solution to different networks, e.g. ISDN, PSTN and mobile networks. For PSTN analog lines (FXO), UC300 works with the Cisco SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway. For ISDN BRI network connectivity with UC300, Cisco recommends the use of the Mediatrix 4400 ISDN VoIP gateways

Mediatrix® 4400  ISDN VoIP Gateway Series for the UC300

July 2011: Mediatrix offers Special pricing for the Mediatrix 4400 for Cisco UC320 resellers. Check

Mediatrix®  4400 Series is fully interoperable and integrated with the Cisco UC300 for a completely seamless operation for small  businesses using the UC300 with ISDN connectivity.  Download the UC300-Mediatrix® 4400 ISDN Gateways Configuration Guide:

Deploying Mediatrix 4400 ISDN Gateways with UC 320W (English)

Deploying Mediatrix 4400 ISDN Gateways with UC 320W (French)

Mediatrix 4400 LED description and reset procedure (English)

Appendixes - Required for completing configuration for specific countries/Service providers - Live area with continued updates:

More  information about Mediatrix® 4400 ISDN Gateway series is available on  the Mediatrix® website,