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UC320 Documentation

Becoming a Cisco UC320 Partner    
Go to Market Guide A comprehensive guide to selling the UC320 Cisco Partners
Ordering Guide Guide to ordering solution components Cisco Partners
Solution Training

Quick Learning Module (QLM)

90 Min Sales Training VOD Cisco Partners

Technical Quick Learning Module (QLM)    

60 Min Technical Overview VODCisco Partners
Profit Explorer Tool   Tool for partners to estimate profitability Cisco Partners

Sales and Marketing 
General Product Overviews

BDM Presentation Presentation for partner to use with customer Customer  
AAG One page (front and back) solution overview Partner / Customer 
Product Brochure Multi-page color slickPartner / Customer
Product Overview Two-page solution overview Partner / Customer
Video Data Sheet Three minute video solution overview Partner / Customer
Q&A Frequently asked questions and answersPartner / Customer
Feature Reference Guide UC320 Feature descriptionsPartner / Customer
SB Demo Lounge Guides that show setup and demo of UC320 & SB ProductsPartner / Customer
Competitive Information

Competitive Matrix Competitive feature / pricing comparison matrixPartners 
Battlecards Guides for positioning vs. key competitors Partners
Product Positioning

SMB UC Platform Matrix Cisco UC Portfolio Comparison MatrixPartners
Proposing and Quoting

UC320 Design Guide
Pre-installation Worksheet Guide to gathering customer requirementsPartners
Quick Pricing Tool (QPT ) Tool for generating a price quotePartners
Proposal Document Documents for partners to generate a proposalPartners

Product Documentation

UC320 Pre-installation Workbook (English, French) Guide to gathering customer requirementsPartner Engineer 
UC320 Quick Start Guide (English, French, Spanish) Basic physical installation and notification guidePartner Engineer
UC320 Administration Guide ( document 14801, French) Detailed configuration guide Partner Engineer
UC320 Phone Quick Reference Card Quick phone instructions for end users End Users
UC320 Phone User Guide Detailed phone instructions for end usersPartner Engineer/ End Users
Smart DesignsStep-by-step solution deployment guides
UC300 Design Guide (partner only) An architectural design guidePartner Engineer
UC300 Implementation Guide (partner only) Step by step instatllation guide Partner Engineer
Using SIP trunking in the UC300 (partner only) SIP trunk deployment guide for UC320 Partner Engineer
Adding a UC300 solution to an existing Small Business Network Guide for deployment of UC320 for customers with existing routers and switchesPartner Engineer
Wireless LAN in the UC300 Wireless LAN design guidePartner Engineer
Deploying the UC300 solution as a Key System (partner only) Guide to replacing key systems with the UC320Partner Engineer
Adjusting your web browser settings to change the display language for the Cisco UC320W Configuration Utility (partner only) Document to change display language on UC320 Partner Engineer
Deploying Cisco Small Business 200/300 Series Switch with UC320W (partner only) Guide to configuring Cisco Small Business switches  with UC320 Partner Engineer
Deploying Mediatrix 4400 (ISDN) Digital Gateways with UC320W (partner only) - English Guide to configuring and deploying Mediatrix BRI gateway with UC320Partner Engineer
Troubleshooting and Localization

UC320W Troubleshooting Guide Guide to troubleshooting common issues Partner Engineer
Platform Modification Files (PMF) Files for specialized deployment scenariosPartner Engineer
UC300 Country Packs Files for expanded country availabilityPartner Engineer
UC320 Firmware Information List of all available firmware for UC320.Partner Engineer
Supported SIP Providers List of all SIP providers that are verified with UC320Partner Engineer
Mediatrix Settings Service Provider / Country Specific settings for mediatrixPartner Engineer

Rising star

Alberto, you are a dynamo...great page

Just love the Profit Explorer Tool   .


Hi Alberto,

Your link to the UC320 Phone Quick Reference Card points to a Pre-Installtion workbook instead of the reference card.