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UC320 SIP Trunk configuration for Qwest


Tested   by: David Liao, Cisco

UC320W    FW release: 2.0.5(3)

  • Provider:   Generic SIP Provider

  • Description: Qwest
  • Proxy: 67.148.32.xx (as indicated by the ITSP)
  • Registration:  Uncheck (peer-to-peer SIP trunk, no registration   required)
  • Outbound    Proxy: n/a
  • Call    Capacity: <As   indicated by the ITSP in your   contract>
  • Prefix   # w/"+1" : Check (uses US international numbering   plan)
  • Company   Name:  <Your company   name> (this will  appear  as the  Display Name field on SIP   messaging)
  • Account   ID:  <The  main DID  number given by the ITSP   (e.g.  408556yyyy)>
  • SIP     domain  name: <Your company local domain name> Optional
  • Authentication ID: n/a
  • Password:    n/a
  • SRV    Recorded   Lookup: Uncheck
  • SRV   Auto   Prefix:  Uncheck
  • NAT   Mapping: Uncheck (ITSP provides SBC/Outbound proxy)


          Systemwide parameters

  • Codec: G711u
  • Outbound FAX:  Both PassThrough and T.38 are supported

     Other requirements

  • WAN    network: Must use static IP address and fill in all information    (default gateway and DNS)

Known Issues:

     * No ringback tone  while call in transfering process.

     * Transfer at alerting failed. Transfer  at answer work.

     * PSTN phone did not disconnectwhen  extension phone init disconnection.