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UC320 Tips for OnPlus


Read this section for important information about limitations and caveats that apply to Cisco OnPlus Portal as related to UC320.

Portal FeatureConstrainsts/Notes

Device Configuration Backup/Restore

The backup of a UC300 Series router/voice system consists of retrieving a binary that is a mix of files and settings from the UC300. This binary is base64-encoded and placed inside an xml tag, which is stored in the cloud.

•    Backup and restore operations via the portal require device access credentials to the UC300.

•    Restoring the configuration requires use of the management GUI on the UC300.

•    Backup of voice mail and other audio files cannot be accomplished via the portal. This must be set up via the UC300 management GUI using the backup to USB option and daily maintenance window.

Restore is a lengthy process. It requires 2 reboots of the device (at 2.5-3 minutes per reboot). The device must be rebooted before launching the UC300 management GUI and after the configuration is applied. Other Topology functions are unavailable while this dialog is open.

Firmware Upgrade

Firmware upgrade requires the use of the UC300 management GUI. When a firmware upgrade is requested, a popup dialog opens that guides the user through the upgrade process. Other Topology functions are unavailable while this dialog is open.