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UC320W Release 2.3 Infomation


UC320W Release 2.3 Infomation

Release 2.3 is planned to release in Q1 of FY2013 (September / October 2012).

Release 2.3 is a software only feature release with the goal to improve overall quality and stability.

The priorities of this release are to significantly reduced customer found defects and enhance the troubleshooting capabilities of the product.

Following features are added to this release:

  • Caller ID and Phonebook directory match: When an incoming call is received and if the Calling Line ID (CLID) matches an entry in the directory, then the name from the directory will be displayed.
  • Dial from Call History list with steering adding steering digits: enable users to place calls from their Call History list without having to edit the numbers in the Call History.
  • Impedance matching screen: to be added immediately after Day 0 configuration to take user to impedance matching and gain tuning on systems with FXO.
  • Diagnostics tools: to improve supportability and troubleshoot FXO lines and network traffic diagnostic tools added.

Other features under consideration have not been committed for this release, and will remain under evaluation for further releases. Note non-committed roadmap can change at any point of time.