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UC500 Common Issues & Troubleshooting


Old / incompatible firmware being used.
Recommend upgrading to the latest UC500 software pack.

CCA Upgrade Failing

Go through the CCA connection checklist -

Incompatibility of configs with CCA.
Recommend doing most of the configuration via CCA & tweaking via command line if required.

If you would like to use command line please start with the latest CCA templates to ensure compatability for future upgrades etc.

No or incorrect IP connectivity. L2 or L3 Issues.
Troubleshoot connectivity.

ISDN Configuration
Typically need to tweak the ISDN parameters to ensure compatibility with your Telco.

FXO Configuration
Typically its to do with supervisory disconnect or CP tone.

Wireless issues
Make sure you have world mode enabled for the 7921G to work in Australia (Other countries ?)

Under wireless interface > World-mode dot11d country au both

Dial plan / call flow issues
Variety of things. The key is to isolate the specific dial-peer & voice port that is creating the issues.

Voice Troubleshooting Overview

Always apply good troubleshooting methodology. You must isolate the issue before you attempt to fix it.

IP Connectivity Troubleshooting

Recommended Command

>show ip route


>Show cdp neighbour

>Show cdp neighbour detail

ISDN Troubleshooting

Recommended Commands

>Show isdn status

>Debug isdn q921

>Debug isdn q931

FXO Troubleshooting

Recommend commands

>show voice port

>show voice call summary

>debug vpm all

Call flow Issues
Recommend commands

> show dialplan number <phone number to test>

> debug voip dialpeer

> debug ccsip all (SIP including CUE issues)

>debug voip ccapi inout (VOIP issues)