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UC520 Licensing



UC520 supports upto 64 user system that is made available through various SKUs. There are software based license upgrade options that can be used to grow the business and increase the supported number of users on a specific system. These software license options include:

To get to an 8 user system
Not Applicable (base Desktop form factor system)
To get to a 16 user system
SL-UC520-16UPG= can be installed on an 8-user system
To get to a 24 user system
Not Applicable (base Rack-Mount form factor system)
To get to a 32 user system
SL-UC520-32UPG= can be installed on a 24-user system
To get to a 48 user system
SL-UC520-48UPG= can be installed on a 32-user system
SL-UC520-24-48UPG= can be installed on a 24-user system
To get to a 64 user system
SL-UC520-64UPG= can be installed on a 48-user system


How does the software license upgrade work? What am I entitled to after an upgrade?

Using the software license upgrade, a system can be upgraded to support a higher user capacity. For example, using SL-UC520-32UPG= license upgrade, a 24-user system can be upgraded to support the required feature licenses for configurations of call control, voicemail and Cisco Unified IP Phones. The license upgrade can be performed either using CCA or using IOS CLI. Refer to the "Configuration Guides" section for further pointers.

Can I perform software upgrade from a 16-user system to a 24-user system?

No, software upgrades are available between units that fall under the same form factor. The two form factors for UC520 Series are:

Desktop Form Factor that includes:

8-user system
16-user system

Rack-Mount Form Factor that includes:

  24-user system

  32-user system

  48-user system

  64-user system


To migrate from a 16-user system to a 24-user system, one needs to look at the Cisco TMP (Technology Migration Program).

How can I purchase a 64-user system? Can I go directly from 24-user system to a 64-user system?

A partner can purchase a 48-user system and apply the SL-UC520-64UPG= software upgrade license to the 48-user system. Note that the 64-user software upgrade license is only applicable for a 48-user system. A 24-user system needs to be first converted to a 48-user system prior to upgrading it to a 64-user system. The same applies to a 32-user system that needs to be first upgraded to a 48-user system.

A 32-user system offer me 4 floating licenses for teleworker, CIPC, etc. Also I get 15 GDMs licenses, does the 64-user upgrade offer similar extensions?

The 64-user software upgrade license is a limited license upgrade and hence why it is only available as an add on to the 48U SKU.  In the limited license upgrade, there are no extra floating licenses for phones (telecommuters) or voicemail boxes (general delivery mailboxes) for example.  It is such priced to be a limited license also targetted more for a 50 person office.

How many minutes of voicemail storage does the 64-user system provide?

There are a total of 64 mailboxes available on the 64-user system. With the total available storage at approximate 14 hours, this amounts to a little over 13 minutes of storage per voicemail box.

So is there anywhere that tells me exactly how many licenses of each type I get with each platform?

This is covered in the FAQs located here.

Configuration Guides

Licensing Information for UC500

Performing UC500 License Upgrade(VOD)

Migrating UC500 License(VOD)

Training & Labs

Michael Stacks

Would be nice to post the number of user including remote and voice mailboxes per system here.

David Harper
Cisco Employee

Good point.  This is already covered elsewhere on the site in one of the FAQs, but I'll add a link to this page.



Jeremy Hutterer

I can't find the website in the videos to do the produt license registration...

Must have mistyped from the video but here is a link to make it easier.