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United Kingdom



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This page provides information addressing the installation and operation of SBCS in the United Kingdom.

UK Specific Configuration Advice

Upgrade and Localise using CCA1.7
Manual Firmware Upgrade Process (Advanced Users Only!)


Planning, Design and Implementation Assistance (Proactive)

Partner Design & Implementation Helpdesk (PDI Helpdesk)
Web  :

Hours: Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm

What does the PDI Helpdesk do?

  • In the planning and design phase, the PDI Helpdesk will review the basic design and work with engineers to develop the best possible technical solution.
  • In the implementation phase, the PDI Helpdesk will guide engineers in known good working basic configuration and feature integration.
  • The PDI Helpdesk will educate and help engineers to locate and use documentation and processes associated with solid design principals and implementation best practices (i.e. Steps to Success and website). 
  • Ultimately, the goal of the PDI Helpdesk is to assist partners in providing customer a properly working solution, to achieve the ultimate goal of a successful customer signoff.

Why should I call the PDI Helpdesk?

  • For planning or design assistance beyond the Cisco channel or account team on a given opportunity.
  • A good differentiation of the PDI Helpdesk is to provide remote assistance with technical planning, design and implementation. The Cisco channel or account teams are there when help is required in closing the sale or working directly with the customer.
  • Implementation assistance is required with equipment that has been designed, sold, shipped to a site, racked, powered and connected; and is in the process of making it work as designed.

The ideal situation is to contact the PDI Help Desk for assistance when a possible implementation or design issue is recognized BEFORE the engineer is onsite.  The goal of the PDI Helpdesk is to assist Cisco IPC Specialized partners provide the best possible level of proactive service, in addition to reactive support available from Cisco TAC.

Technical Troubleshooting & Assistance (Reactive)

Technical Assistance Centre (TAC)
Web  :
Phone: 0800 404 7778 (24 hour)

The TAC operates on 24x7x365 with 3 separate centres located around the world, however it is highly recommended that partners work with the European TAC, as they have a much greater knowledge of UK market specifics (e.g. Telco Standards). The partner can also request for an open service request to be transferred to the European TAC.

What can I expect when I create a TAC service request?

  • Receive prompt, courteous service from a TAC Engineer qualified to solve the problem.
    • You will receive assistance by telephone or electronic mail for information related to product use, configuration, and troubleshooting.
    • Response will be within one hour for all calls received during standard business hours and for S1 and S2 calls received outside standard business hours. Standard business hours are defined as Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time.
    • Response will be no later than the next business day for S3 and S4 calls received outside standard business hours.
    • You will receive automated service request status updates at regular intervals.
  • Receive a comprehensive solution to your problem. Furthermore, Cisco will not close your service request until you are satisfied that your network is returned to the performance levels attained prior to the discovery of the problem. If at any time you are dissatisfied with the level of service, you may choose to escalate your service request.
  • Receive workaround solutions to reported Cisco software problems using reasonable commercial efforts. In some cases, Cisco will implement a patch to the software. When

Cisco asks you to upgrade software to resolve a problem, you will usually receive information about the specific software problem. However, to speed resolution, you may elect to upgrade without receiving the specific information. If this is the case, Cisco will still attempt to identify the software problem.

Note: Links that will require partner-level access will have a lock icon Image:padlock.JPG next to it. Further details for becoming a Cisco Registered Partner is available here