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VLAN - Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series - Cisco Smart Business Communication Systems



Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) provide the ability to host multiple logical networks on a single physical device.  The UC500 solution is configured automatically with two VLANs, the default or data VLAN (VLAN 1) and the voice VLAN (VLAN 100).  The default VLAN may be configured through CCA using the Device Setup Wizard during initial configuration.  After initial configuration the default VLAN may only be changed through the CLI, but the voice VLAN may be changed and new VLANs numbered between two and one thousand may be created and modified using CCA.  The UC500 can support up to 15 VLAN interfaces.

Configuration Guides

Initial Configuration of UC500 using CCA 1.8
Virtual LANs/VLAN Trunking Protocol (VLANs/VTP)

Training & Labs


Changing the Voice VLAN using CCA

Select Configure->Telephony->Voice and navigate to the Network tab.  Here you may select the VLAN you wish to assign for voice and edit the DHCP information for phones.  When your selections are made, click apply.

Creating a VLAN using CCA

Select Configure->VLANs and click on Create.  Enter the desired VLAN number (2-1000) and name and click OK then apply.  To assign an IP address to this VLAN, select Configure->Device Properties->IP Addresses and enter the desired address next to the newly created VLAN then choose the subnet mask from the drop-down menu then click apply.

Assigning a Port to a VLAN using CCA

Select Configure->Smartports, you will see a display of your UC500's front panel.  Click on a port to highlight it and then click Modify to edit its port roles.  Under attributes, select the desired existing VLAN(s) for the port from the drop-down menu and click OK then apply.