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WebEx Telepresence portal: Manage your usage information


You can check usage details and download your usage history as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Sign in to the Cisco WebEx Telepresence portal if you are not already signed in (see WebEx Telepresence portal: Sign in to the portal).
  2. Click Account > Usage.

  3. (Optional) To change the time period displayed, do the following: 
    • Click the currently displayed month and year in the upper-left corner.
    • Click the year you want.
    • Click either Total [year] or the month you want.

    The personal bridge and VoIP out totals shown here are a subset of the total usage for the subscription. So if a user shows 10 total video calls and 2 personal bridge video calls, that means 2 of the 10 are personal bridge video calls, and 8 are not.

  4. (Optional) To download your usage history as a spreadsheet, click Download history, and then click Open or Save.